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Server – HPE StoreOnce 2700

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable entry-level dedicated backup solution for your remote office branches? HPE StoreOnce 2700 is a cost-effective solution that delivers you high performance, flexibility, and data security.

HPE StoreOnce 2700 accommodates 4 X 2TB Hot-swap standard speed Hard Disk Drives. This solution, therefore, gives total backup storage of 8TB which is perfect for your small offices.

Because it's rack-mountable, it's easy to install and secure within your data center.

Why Choose HPE StoreOnce 2700 Backup Solution?

Here are some of the key features that make HPE StoreOnce 2700 the best network storage solution you should consider:

#1. StoreOnce Single Deduplication Feature

HPE StoreOnce boasts of deduplication technology which will enhance both your backup and network bandwidth efficiency.

Due to its faster and seamless movement of data within your enterprise environment, it will save you both time and money.

This, no doubt, makes it the best solution for small remote business branches.

It's equipped with advanced network connection features and technology, and hence, can be easily integrated into Storage Area Network (SAN), or any virtualized or Ethernet networks.

#2. StoreOnce 2700 Scale-out Architecture

HPE StoreOnce 2700 is conveniently equipped with scale-out architecture. Because of this, you can choose your most suitable capacity points presented in the Virtual Backup solution.

As your storage requirements increase, you can upgrade by paying for your virtual capacity accordingly.

That is, you can easily choose your desired capacity points from the available Virtual Backup solutions.

#3. HPE StoreOnce Convenient Remote Monitoring

With StoreOnce Enterprise Manager, you can conveniently and remotely monitor your storage capacity.

#4. Store Catalyst Automated Data Recovery Technology

In case of any disaster, HPE StoreOnce 2700 has automated data recovery tools to safeguard your data.

Unlike before, now you can recover data from multiple sites simultaneously and much faster with low bandwidth costs.

Its StoreOnce Enterprise Manager allows you to get alerts for effective backup capacity management.

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