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Server - NAS Server

A network-attached storage (NAS) server is versatile and suitable for a decentralized business structure. It is primarily for storing media files, documents, and other data types, accessible only to authorized users within the network. For small-to-medium businesses, it is possible to have challenges of collaboration, file sharing, customer service, loss of sales. With the NAS server, the above problems will be solved.

Is it Time to Get a NAS Server?

NAS boxes work as an external drive to your desktop computer. The only difference is that NAS boxes have many such storage devices, accessible by different computers simultaneously. Internet reliability and the access granted by the administrator to write or read data are all you need. It is a low-cost data storage system that is easy to set up, operate, and manage. You don't need any IT experience to have one for your business.

NAS servers are often used as data backup. As mentioned, it is a system of drive bays, core processors, an operating system, and interfacing slots. To set it up, you only need to install an OS, insert all the storage drives for your data, and connect it to a network. So, does your business need a NAS solution? Centralized file storage is reliable, secure, and cost-effective. Having your own NAS system saves you from monthly subscriptions for cloud storage. The system also allows for continuous data transfer and file sharing, maximizing your business's uptime.

Remote Data Access and Synchronization

NAS servers act as mini cloud storage that makes it easy to collaborate with anyone working remotely for the organization. As a business manager, you can access all the data anytime and from anywhere. It is the only cost-effective data storage solution for decentralized SMBs. You will solve common problems such as out-of-sync data, delays in responding to your customers, and reliability and accessibility problems when the storage is offline.

Buying the Best NAS Server

Your business needs to keep on changing from time to time. That calls for a scalable storage solution that will keep up with the growing demands for more computing power and with Ryzen NAS Server at ALLHDD, you get DDR4 8Gb RAM installed, but you can expand it up to 64GB. There is also a flash memory of 5GB that comes with this network-attached storage server (NAS).

When shopping for a NAS system, you need to be on the lookout for storage controllers and networking slots. It is these features that will determine the data transfer rate and scalability of your file system. The Ryzen NAS server supports all RAIN configurations and all other networking features you can expect from a network-attached storage server. There are also 24 drive bays, PCI express slots, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1, 10 GB Ethernet, and many other interface ports. Simply put, it is a complete unit ready for deployment to a network.

Buy a reliable product at ALLHDD to take your business to another level. Cut down the expenses in renting cloud-based storage by creating your own mini cloud with NAS Servers. Place your order on our site, and it will be processed within the shortest time possible. You can also contact us for more information about the NAS server or any other hardware that we stock.
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