Server - ProLiant DL560

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Server - ProLiant DL560

Do you wonder what a 2U designed rack server can do for your memory-intensive applications and critical tasks? A 2U designed server can offer performance equivalent to two or four-socket modules. One such high-density server is the HP ProLiant DL560 which not only features the Intel Xeon's scalable processors but promises a 68% upsurge in the performance and overall speed. Outfitted with the latest generation processors and memory modules, this HPE ProLiant dl650 Gen10 can be regarded as the biggest win for the tech-community to perform well and outclass all the flaws.

There are plenty of additional applications that will indeed urge the tech-savvies to utilize this high-end rig in critical applications. Also, the virtualization, business workloads, data processing, and computing tasks are no more delayed with this DL560 which is now regarded as the ''Virtualization Server''. All in all, you can utilize this high-performance server in business incubators and data centers for the efficient processing of data without leaving any flaws behind. Here's what you need to know more about the HP ProLiant DL650 Gen10 servers.

Intel Xeon's Family is Fully Compatible:

You can integrate the Intel Xeon's whole family, including the Silver, Bronze, and Gold series scalable processors. The dual-processor configuration can be supported, but you can house multiple other scalable processors on the CPU Mezzanine board. The third and fourth processors can be accommodated on the CPU besides their associated memory slots.

Multi-Channel Memory Support Emit the Lags:

Each processor holds the ability to support up to six memory channels, which is an upgrade from the predecessors. As we have seen in the Intel Xeon E5-2600 series generation, the four memory slots were supported. Most of Intel's family is confined to the 768GB but not this one! This HP DL560 can support the immense 1.5TB of memory along with the Ultra-Path Interconnect Channels (UPI), which is a reason why you'll observe the improved CPU performance.

Front Drive Cages with Multiple Configurations:

Storage in this HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server supports multi-configuration. It can be equipped with the drive configuration of 8, 16, and 24 x 2.5-inch drives in the front-drive cage. However, regarding the type of storage, this DL560 server is an example of its own! It can be backed up by the SAS, SATA, NVMe, HDD, and SSD type hard drive. What's noteworthy is the additional PCIe risers and discrete Smart Array HD/RAID Controller system, which is integrated into this server chassis for improved performance.

Why buy from ALLHDD?

ALLHDD is providing its reliable and trustworthy services in delivering the network and server hardware equipment to the tech-savvies. Our experts have covered the full range of ProLiant DL560, this time with the HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management system and remote monitoring. Moreover, you can claim a 2.5% discount at the checkout. Choose from the following subcategories: Xeon, Xeon 2.20GHz, Xeon 2.30GHz, Xeon 2.40GHz, Xeon 2.70GHz, Xeon 2.90GHz, and Xeon 3.10GHz


HPE 686784-001 Xeon 2.40GHz Server ProLiant DL560

686784-001 HPE Proliant Dl560 G8 Performance Models 4x Intel Xeon 8-Core E5-4640/2.4GHz 64GB Ddr3 Sdram Hot Plug 5sff Sas/Sata Hdd Bays Matrox G200 2 more

HPE 686785-001 Xeon 2.40GHz Server
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686785-001 Proliant Dl560 G8 Base Models 2x Intel Xeon 6 Core E5 4610 2.4GHz 32GB Ddr3 Sdram Hot Plug 5sff Sas Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) more

HPE 686785-001 ProLiant DL560 Server

686785-001 HPE Proliant Dl560 G8 Base Models 2x Intel Xeon 6 Core E5 4610 2.4GHz 32GB Ddr3 Sdram Hot Plug 5sff Sas Sata Hdd Bays Matrox G200 Smart more

HPE 686792-B21 Server Xeon ProLiant DL560

686792-B21 HPE Rack Mountable 2U Intel CPU Hot Swappable. Refurbished.

HPE 697607-S01 Xeon 2.70GHz Server ProLiant DL560

697607-S01 HPE Proliant Dl560 G8 Smart Buy 2x Intel Xeon 8 Core E5 4650 2.7GHz 64GB Ddr3 Sdram Hot Plug 5sff SAS SATA Hdd Bays Matrox G200 1gb 4 Port more

HPE 697608-S01 Xeon 2.90GHz Server ProLiant DL560

697608-S01 HPE Servers Proliant Dl560 Hexa core Xeon 2.90 GHz Rack Mountable 2U Intel CPU Hexa core 2.9 GHz Hot Swappable RAID. Refurbished.

HPE 732024-001 Xeon 2.20GHz Server ProLiant DL560

732024-001 HPE Proliant Dl560 Xeon 2.2GHz Quad Core 16GB Ddr3 Server. Refurbished.

HPE 732342-001 Xeon 2.0GHz Server

732342-001 Proliant Dl560 Performance Model G8 4x Intel Xeon E5 4640v2/2.2GHz 10 Core 128GB Ddr3 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) 10 more

HPE 741064-B21 Proliant Dl560 Server

741064-B21 741064-B21 Proliant Dl560 Gen9 Entry Model - 2x Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-4610v3/ 1.7GHz, 32GB(2x16gb) Ddr4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access more

HPE 741065-B21 Proliant Dl560 Server

741065-B21 Proliant Dl560 Gen9 XEON 10-Core E5-4620V3/ 2.0GHz,6 Gigabyte(GB) Ddr4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM), Smart Array P440ar with more