Server - ProLiant BL2X220C

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Server - ProLiant BL2x220c

Get more compute in a data center with limited real estate while reducing power consumption and enjoying one of the industry's highest densities with the HP ProLiant BL2x220c G5.

This server is engineered for high-performance computing (HPC) and extensive scale-out applications. The BL2x220c flaunts up to 32 server nodes in every enclosure. Each node supports 2 Quad-Core CPUs with a massive 16GB of RAM. If you are looking to buy this top-of-the-line server, then you are at the right spot. has an extensive collection of new and refurbished ProLiant BL2x220c Xeon 2.26GHz servers at pocket-friendly prices.

The HP ProLiant BL2x220c G5 server blade Overview

One of the major selling points of the HP ProLiant BL2x220c server blade is its scalability. This server can scale to offer up to 1,024 cores and 2 TB of RAM on each 42U rack. It flaunts dual Gigabit Ethernet ports (given on each node as standard). You have the options to upgrade to InfiniBand or 10 Gbit Ethernet to provide low latency interconnects and high-performance.

Unmatched Performance

An enterprise looking to build out infrastructures capable of supporting high-performance computing, Web 2.0 commerce, and applications, and many other "hyper-scale" data center configurations will sought-after the BL2x220c G5. With its cutting-edge performance, the BL2x220c's distinctive two-in-one design allows users to enjoy unbeatable performance per watt to scale to workload requirements. When compared to a Dell server with a similar configuration, the BL2x220c G5 delivers 60 percent superior performance per watt. This performance, coupled with the server's compact design, makes it the server of choice for scale-out settings in need of massive computing power in data centers with limited floor space. Some companies with such requirements include online financial modeling, social communities, online gaming, digital animation, biotechnology research, and oil and gas.

Power Efficiency and Density

The BL2x220c server blade flaunts two servers per slot, providing as many as 32 server nodes on every c7000 enclosure and up to 16 server nodes on every c3000 enclosure. Two sockets are allocated for each server (4 for each slot and 64 per enclosure). In addition to the highest server density with smaller enclosure power overhead, you can save hundreds of dollars in energy cost with reduced power consumption without compromising performance, thanks to the low power Intel 5400 Series Quad-Core CPUs. The BL2x220c G5 is the perfect server for HPC, scale-out, and grid environments where jobs get spanned across a huge number of nodes.

Configuration and Management Tools

The BL2x220c server blades boast the industry-leading management and configuration tools from Hewlett Packard. Users can count on complete life cycle management, excellent remote administration, and resource utilization leading to reduced TCO. The HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO2) Standard Blade Edition presents the world's most comprehensive, high-performance, top-of-the-line remote management platform. The latest iLO 2 offers proper in-front-of-the-server control of systems placed in remote locations or data centers from home or office, leading to increased productivity.

Purchase the HP ProLiant BL2x220c server blade on today and enjoy unbeatable scalability and give your business and data center the uplift it needs.
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