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Server - ProLiant BL460C

With the world's most popular blade server system (The HPE BL460c Gen9) in our catalog, you can successfully scale business execution and securely manage hybrid IT and traditional workloads across an integrated data center environment. You can count on an extensive listing of varying generations of this blade server, including gen7, gen8, gen9, and gen10, here on Here are the categories of Proliant BL460c options we stock, so follow the links to find the best option for your needs: Xeon 1.7GHz, Xeon 2.1GHz, Xeon 2.4GHz, Xeon 2.20GHz, Xeon 2.6GHz, Xeon 2.50GHz, Xeon 2.53GHz, Xeon 2.66GHz, Xeon 2.93GHz, Xeon 3.0GHz, Xeon 3.06GHz, Xeon 2.7GHz, Xeon 1.90GHz, Xeon 2.0GHz, Xeon 2.30GHz. Browse through our categories to purchase a befitting server blade today.

You are on your way to a new world of modern applications, cutting-edge performance and stability.

HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server Blade Overview

The HP ProLiant BL460c is the predecessor to the BL660c. With massive improvements in previous generations, it ups the ante with an uptick in performance, flexibility, and security.

Suppose you intend to use the HPE ProLiant bl460c in a large data center that requires a compact system and storage devices in a single and very secure environment. In that case, you can employ the large BladeSystem c7000 10U chassis enclosure from HPE for the BL460c blade server. The c7000 can house sixteen Blades packed vertically, while the c3000 6U chassis can hold a total of eight BL460c Gen 8 Servers assembled horizontally with massive storage of 115.2 TB. It is the perfect solution for a medium-scale data center.

Performance and Features

The ProLiant BL460c Gen 8 weighs 14 lb (approximately 6 kg). It is a half-height Server Blade measuring 17.11 inches tall, 20.37 inches deep, and 2.18 inches wide. The blade has an HP c-Class Blade SUV (USB, Serial, VGA) connector and two SFF hot-swap drive bays at the front. The BL460c Gen 8 supports a wide variety of virtualization software or operating systems. These include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise, VMware, Citrix XenServer, and Oracle Solaris.

For versatility, the BL460c gen8 Blade Server supports up to two small-form-factor (SFF) SAS or SATA drives. These could be solid-state drives (SSD) or hard disk drives (HDD) with a limit of RAID configuration to two different RAID 0 volumes. However, combining other drive types is not supported. Up to 4TB of HDDs is supported, while the SSDs can support up to 3.2TB.

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HPE 727030-B21 Xeon 2.6GHz ProLiant BL460C Server

727030-B21 Proliant Bl460c G9 Performance Model 2x Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-2660v3/ 2.6GHz 64GB (Gigabyte) Ddr4 SDRAM Smart Array P244br With Fbwc 2-Port more

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HPE 666158-B21 Xeon 2.20GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

666158-B21 Proliant Bl460c G8 Intel Xeon 8 Core E5 2660 2.2GHz RAM 64GB (Gigabyte) Matrox G200 2x10 Gigabit Ethernet 2 Way Blade Server | Made by HPE | more

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HPE 727021-B21 Xeon Server

727021-B21 G9 E5-V3 Configure-to-Order (CTO) With Smart Array Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6 Gigabits Per Second (GBPS) Small Form more

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HPE 813196-B21 Xeon 2.0GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

813196-B21 Proliant BL460C Gen9 14-Core E5-2660V4/2.0GHz 70MB L3 Cache 128GB DDR4 SDRAM 2X10 Gigabit Ethernet 2-Way Blade Server | Made by HPE | Refurbished

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HPE 666157-B21 Xeon 2.6GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

666157-B21 HPE Proliant Bl460c G8 Blade Server 2 X Intel Xeon E5 2670 2.6GHz. Refurbished.

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HPE 813194-B21 Xeon 2.4GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

813194-B21 HPE Proliant Bl460c G9 1X Intel Xeon 10-Core E5-2640V4/2.4GHz 25MB L3 Cache 32GB DDR4 SDRAM 2X10 Gigabit Ethernet 2-Way Blade Server. Refurbished.

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HPE 603251-B21 Xeon 2.93GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

603251-B21 Proliant Bl460C G7 1x Intel Xeon 2.93 GHz 12GB (Gigabyte) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Server | Made more

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HPE 813197-B21 Xeon 2.4GHz Server ProLiant BL460C
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813197-B21 HPE Proliant BL460C Gen9 2x Intel Xeon 14-Core E5-2680V4/2.4GHz 70MB L3 Cache, 256GB DDR4 SDRAM, 2X20 Gigabit Ethernet, 2-Way Blade Server. more

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HPE 727031-B21 Xeon 2.30GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

727031-B21 HPE Proliant Bl460c Gen9 Xeon 12 Core 2.3GHz 128GB DDR4 Server. Refurbished.

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HPE 836875-S01 Xeon 2.30GHz Server ProLiant BL460C

836875-S01 HPE Proliant BL460C Gen9 2P Intel Xeon 10 CORE 2650V3/ 2.30 GHz 64GB DDR4 SDRAM SVR/S BUY. Refurbished.

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