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Hewlett Packard Proliant ML10 is an entry-level mini-tower server designed for startups. Small businesses will find it very useful in meeting their administrative tasks for a decentralized organization structure. It is simple, secure, cost-effective, and power-efficient, built just for SMBs. If you are looking for a customizable tower server, then look nowhere else. The mini-tower server series has three different processor options to choose from for your needs.

Noise-Free Server-Level Performance

Usually, small businesses have no room for noisy servers on the premises. The Proliant ML10 v2 is engineered to offer a high-level performance while keeping the noise level minimum. That is achieved through its support for both single-wide and double-wide GPU cards. This capability also makes it the best for VDI and other applications.

High-Performance at Low Cost

The v2 server is a revolutionary design for small businesses or home-based activities at the best price. It features all that a reliable server should have to perform as expected. The embedded Intel AMT module makes it easy to control and manage the server. It comes with an online graphical user interface for turning it powering it on or off; you don't have to physically press the power button.

The performance of this mini-tower server can be tailored according to application computing requirements. The three available options are the pocket-friendly Intel Pentium server, high-performing Intel Xeon, and Intel Core i3. If there will be a possible increase in computing power, then go for Intel Xeon processor-based ML10 server. The quad-core E3-1225V5 processor works at 3.30GHz, with enough data processing power to meet application requirements for SMBs.

Right Choice for your First Server

You don't need an overly complicated server for a start. If you are running small businesses, then the ML10 gen9 server is all you need. It has efficient data management with a graphical user interface makes it possible even for a novice to use. Even tech-savvies can also find it very useful. With its support of up to 4 DDR4 unbuffered memory devices, you get just enough data storage space for all applications within the network.

HP Mini-Tower Server, the Future of Businesses

Proliant ML10 v2 is not only an entry-level server but will also help you all the way to the top. It features PCIe 3.0 slots and USB 2.0 ports for expansion.

Buy your server at ALLHDD today to take your business to another level. With better data handling and computing power for data processing, ML10 is the ultimate choice. Contact us for more information and technical support on how to implement this revolutionary solution.
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