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Server - ProLiant ML330

Hp ProLiant Ml330 gen6 are Xeon processor-based servers that come in a massive 5U form factor. Despite their big physical size, their performance is almost at par with some of the higher generation of these tower servers. Maybe something to note here is their noisy nature, but they will serve the purpose you are buying them for.

High-Speed Performance for Demanding Tasks

The tower server uses Intel Xeon microprocessors that run at either 1.6GHz or 2.0GHz. You can check it out from the Xeon 1.6GHz HP ML330 category. If you need more processing power for your applications, you can settle for a quad-core Xeon 2.0GHz HP ProLiant ML330 tower server. You not only get high performance here but also enough storage space for data.

Easy Server Management

You reduce downtime if you regularly manage your tower server. ProLiant ML330 gen6 servers make it easy to carry out maintenance and management tasks. It also improves the efficiency of your IT system. ML330 comes embedded with a powerful management tool, HP iLO 2 controllers, allowing you to remotely monitor the performance and carry out any other tasks.

And what would you expect of the Smart Array Configuration utility? It performs all the management tasks on the HP ProLiant ML330 gen6 server just as it was designed to do, creating logical drives and managing the controller card. The good news is that the Array Configuration uses a web-based application. So, you can monitor your ProLiant ML330 server from anywhere. Another operation carried out by this utility tool is cache memory provision to boost the performance of RAID 5 logical drives. It is virtually a RAID controller.

High Memory Capacity and Scalability

The HP ProLiant ML330 quad core tower server comes with 2GB of RAM and one 250GB HDD connected to a SATA interface port. But that is not all! There are 6 extra SATA ports, USB ports, and SD card slots that you can use to expand the storage capacity to your specific requirements. The ML330 also comes with Gigabit Ethernet ports for networking, making it ideal for managing decentralized businesses.

Tower Server for Your Business

Make your business grow by getting the most reliable and scalable server solution from the most reputable supplier. You shop without regrets at ALLHDD with constant technical support on the ML330 server specifications. Our team is here to make sure you get the best ProLiant ML330 g6 server you need to transform your business operations. Contact us for more information and any queries you have.
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