Server - ProLiant ML370

ProLiant ML370 types

Server - ProLiant ML370

HP ProLiant ML370 is a 4U rackmount server (5U chassis also available) based on the Intel Xeon Processors. At ALLHDD, we stock both Xeon 2.53GHz or Xeon 2.66GHz-based tower servers. There is also a category of these Xeon ML370 servers that do not come with both CPU and RAM. The kind of tower server you will buy primarily depends on your business needs. With different CPU powers, you can expect differences in performance or computing power.

Reliable and Scalable Solution for Every Business

You need the right solution for your business. ProLiant ML370 offers a high level of expansivity and scalability that will keep your business running. These servers come with PCI express slots, making it possible to expand storage capacity according to the business needs. That means you will not be here soon shopping for another tower server. With the HPE Smart Array controller, you can attach as many storage devices as possible for redundancy and backup. You also have the freedom to choose the controller you want if you don't want to use your precious PCIe slots for this purpose.

Data Security and Storage Devices Protection

With the Smart Array controller, you can achieve data encryption on the disk drives to maintain security. The server tower also has an enclosure with a front door that can be locked to physically protect the components, including the unauthorized removal of storage devices. What more? Set passwords at every level to secure your entire system. HP ProLiant ML370 Gen4 or Gen5 both allow you to set power-on, password, keyboard password, administrator's password, disk configuration lock, etc. You have security control on your hands.

Two Different Mounting Option

How your IT equipment is arranged in a server room matters a lot. Efficient operation begins with an organization that allows for efficient airflow within the room. HP ProLiant server series are either rackmount or tower servers. The art of choosing the right chassis is important in ensuring that you have uniformity. If your other IT systems are rackmount, then it is only logical you choose rack mount ProLiant ML370.

Transform Your Business with Servers from a Reputable Supplier

When it is time to take your business to another level with HP ProLiant ML370 towers, you need to vet your supplier. ALLHDD is a leading supplier with many years of experience in the industry. We get our stock from the world's best computer hardware vendors and supply it to clients. You have no reason to doubt our products as they come with the manufacturer's warranty to back you up. At ALLHDD, quality is our motto.
HP 416620-001 ProLiant ML370

416620-001 ProLiant ML370 G5 5U 5150 Dual-core 2.66 GHz 64 GB (Gigabyte) Ddr3 SDRAM Intel Xeon Rack Server | Made by HP | Refurbished

HPE 625589-001 Xeon 2.53GHz Server ProLiant ML370

625589-001 HPE Proliant ML370 G6 1X 6-Core Xeon E5649 2.53GHz, 6GB DDR3 SDRAM SAS/SATA Smart Array P410I/512 MB Raid 0/1/5/10/50 DVD-ROM 4X Gigabit more