Server - ProLiant ML530

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Server - ProLiant ML530

Every business is bound to grow with proper management. In business plans, people project their growth rate and may plan for it well in advance. However, you cannot do so with the accuracy that is expected. Nature has its way of making things a surprise. To prepare for this unpredictable business change, get an HP ProLiant ML530 server to back you up. It is a one-time investment that will offer you a durable solution. These servers are ideal for fast-growing businesses.

Buy Once Use Forever

You only need to shop once for the HP ProLiant ML530 server and enjoy its services for as long as possible. These ML530 server series are highly scalable to meet your growing demands for more processing power and storage capacity. You don't have to do an overhaul of your data center or server room because your business switched to using data-intensive applications. You can expand the computing power of ProLiant ML530 by including an additional Intel Xeon processor, thanks to its ability to support up to two processing units.

Memory Expansion Capability

For SMBs, memory capacity is probably not an issue. But as the business grows and introduces virtualization, the need for higher memory becomes apparent. The Intel Xeon Processor-based ProLiant Servers are designed to take care of your future needs. With up to nine DDR3 DIMM ports per processor, you get 288GB of memory. You can specify the type of memory you use to be either 2.5" or 3.5" disk drives. Both of them have a bay within the 5U Chassis. Other features that enable scalability include PCI express slots, Smart Memory Controller, and Ethernet controller.

High Computing Power and Easy Upgrades

When buying a server, you need to answer the question on upgrade and how it can be achieved. Apart from the usual thing of attaching more peripheral devices, you need to address other arising issues such as the airflow within the server and the effect of an upgrade in the interior design. ML530 servers have all the answers for you. The motherboard comes with slots for intel Xeon 2.13GHz processors, and the general interior design is sleek with no wires crisscrossing. Just add the memory devices and an extra processor if necessary, but don't forget to add two more fans for effective cooling.

Easy Shopping for ProLiant ML530 Servers

HP ProLiant gen6 servers are an upgrade from the predecessors, such as ML530 g2. When shopping, it is better if you choose the latest generation available. At ALLHDD, we stock both brand-new and refurbished ML530 g6 servers. Contact us if you want to know more about our server collection. We guarantee happy shopping for quality products from renowned manufacturers.
HP 516283-005 Xeon 2.13GHz Server ProLiant ML530

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