Server - ProLiant SL 230S

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Server - ProLiant SL230S

HP ProLiant SL230S gen8 server features Hp Proactive Insight Architecture, enabling it to deliver a greater level of configurability, high performance, and scalable system sharing system. These servers are small and compact, coming in a 1U half-width form factor. That allows up to eight of them to be packed in a single rack mount 4U chassis. They offer a great solution to your business at a lower cost compared to other server series.

High Scalability and Resource Sharing

As mentioned above, up to 8 HP ProLiant Sl230S gen8 servers can be packed in one chassis of 4U form factor. You can easily fit them into an HP s6500 scalable system to share power, cooling system, management, and increased performance. HP ProLiant SL203S does not come with a processor but allows you to install Intel Xeon processors. You can install just one or two of these processor units depending on your specific needs. You also get access to one PCI express expansion slot for peripheral attachment. Get your SL230S g8 servers for even greater configurability.

Better Memory Management and Server Health Monitoring

ProLiant SL230S gen8 server features Hp Smart Memory Controller that delivers up to 25% more in memory bandwidth for data-intensive applications. Designed to maintain a greater performance throughout the lifecycle of the server, the SL230S gen8 server series has HP Active Health System. Over 1600 system parameters are constantly monitored with no impact on the overall performance. You don't worry about the health status when you figure your server correctly.

Pocket-Friendly and Cost-Saving

HP ProLiant SL230S g8 servers are relatively cheaper compared to other HP ProLiant server series. You spend less to acquire but get even greater performance. Maintenance and running costs are also low since the server unit is energy-efficient. Take advantage of this to transform your business, and ALLHDD will be more than happy to supply you with quality products.

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HPE 650047-B21 Xeon Server ProLiant SL 230S

650047-B21 HPE Proliant SL230S G8 CTO Chassis With No CPU, No RAM, HPE NC361I Ethernet Controller, ILO-4, 2-Way 1U LEFT Half Width Server Tray. Refurbished.

HPE 650048-B21 Xeon Server ProLiant SL 230S

650048-B21 HPE Proliant Sl230s G8 Cto Chassis With No CPU No Ram 2x Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Lights Out 4 2 Way 1u Right Half Width Server. Refurbished.