Server - StorageWorks X3800SB

StorageWorks X3800SB types

Server - StorageWorks X3800SB

HP StorageWorks X3800SB network storage gateway blade is the solution you need to securely link one or more applications together to a shared resource. You can also use it to consolidate data storage centers to improve the efficiency of your IT system. It is a solution that decentralized businesses need to better manage their IT Infrastructure.

Ready for Deployment Out of the Box

The StorageWorks X3800SB is ready for use right out of the box. It comes with Microsoft Server 2008 R2 already installed. It also features the Microsoft Cluster Server license that makes it more of a plug-and-play service. Do not waste any more time because HP StorageWorks X3800SB is an ever-ready SAN gateway solution.

Better Management and Time-Saving

You most probably spent your resources buying servers and data storage devices but realized that the servers are isolated from each other. That makes you spend considerable time monitoring and managing your server. StorageWorks X3800SB not only makes the management an easy task but also boosts the value of your array. Get a deserved return on your investment by using this network storage gateway to unify your data storage servers.

Best Performance at the Best Price

The HP StorageWorks X3800SB features two 2.66GHz Intel Xeon processors and a Smart Array storage controller to offer the needed bandwidth for data transfer. It also features up to 12 GB DDR3 RDIMM memory and a multi-functional network controller. In other words, StorageWorks X3800SB is packed with all the features needed to be the right network storage gateway for your business.

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