Server - System X3650 M2

System X3650 M2 types

Server - System X3650 M2

X3650 M2 is one of the latest 2U rack servers from IBM that is believed to have the ability to revolutionize data centers and businesses. It has many stunning features that make it more reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. The IBM System X3650 M2 server is the innovation that may challenge HP's bitter rival for the top position.

System X3650 M2 allows for Faster Problem Diagnosis

There is no other stunning feature of this 2U rack server than a pop-out light positioned at the front of the panel. This user interface allows the administrator to quickly identify any problems with the components such as fan and DIMM. It also features a video interface port for connection to an external monitor.

High-Performing and energy-efficient

What business owners need right now is a remarkable performance at a relatively low cost. That is what you get in X3650 M2 servers. The IBM system X3650 M2 price is low compared to its tons of features and capability. In a single 2U chassis, you get a quad-core Intel Xeon processor and hot-swap storage devices packed in it. The dual-socket server also comes with a redundant pair of energy-efficient 675W power supplies that reduces energy consumption.

The best server for the value

IBM System X3650 M2 rack-mount server has many features that you will not find in a server of this price. Featuring an internal memory of a high-performing 4GB DDR3 SDRAM and Intel Xeon 2.93GHz processor, you get what you paid for. If you are out there looking for this server, then look no further than ALLHDD.

ALLHDD is a certified supplier of high-quality computer hardware sourced directly from the manufacturers. Our IBM System X3650 M2 is a refurbished product from IBM with a warranty. Contact us for our sales manager to arrange your shipment on time. We are ever at your service and to answer any product-related queries.
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