Server - System X3650 M3

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Server - System X3650 M3

It is a digital age, and all your memory-demanding applications have to perform at their best. IBM System X3650 M3 is a 2U rack server that offers you the solution you need for your fast-growing business. These servers are Intel Xeon processor-based, giving them the computing power every application needs. You can buy IBM X 3650 M3 with no processor and RAM to customize to meet your specific requirements. There are up to 8 core processing units for this server.

IBM System x3650 M3 is a power horse

Many features are packed in a single 2U chassis. This rack server can support up to 8 core Intel Xeon processors. Each processing unit has different computing power to choose from. But there is a 3.06Ghz IBM X3650 M3 server ready for your memory-demanding programs. The good thing is that you can scale everything to meet your present and future needs. With up to 18 DIMM of registered memory and drive bays to hold 2.5" disk storage for a total memory of up to 288GB, you never complain of the performance. There is also a 6GBPs SAS RAID controller, allowing you to configure the server to match your needs.

Highly Scalable and Flexible Server Solution

The server's ability to scale up with your business should be a factor to consider when shopping for new IT equipment. Your business will demand more computing power and more storage capacity, and IBM X3650 M3 is ready for those future needs. First, you have the freedom to choose the processor that works for you. Secondly, you can expand the memory capacity through DIMM slots, USB ports, PCI Express expansion slots, Ethernet ports, etc. Thankfully, there are enough drive bays within the chassis to accommodate more and more storage devices.

Highly Manageable and Secure Server Solution

Server management and security are core tasks that should be performed regularly. As a server manager, the routines should be easy to carry out and be automated. IBM System X3650 M3 features IMM, constantly monitoring and performing predictive failure analysis and triggers the IBM's System Director Alert accordingly. The server also comes with a portfolio of tools, making it easy to manage. X3650 M3 also supports the industry-standard AES NI encryption that ensures the safety of data in storage drives. The data will be useless to a third party who gains unauthorized access.

Energy-Efficient Server Solution

The Intel Xeon processors series in X3650 M3 servers draw in less power compared to the previous ones. It also supports low-voltage DDR3 memory DIMMs, making it possible to save 20% on power consumption. Other low-voltage components include transistors and 675W power supplies, which are 90% power efficient. All these plus many others help in power management.

IBM System X3650 M3 for your Business

This server provides a scalable solution that you should opt for. Buy the best quality servers sourced from IBM at ALLHDD. We only sell genuine products that are backed up with the manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, we offer technical support to our customers regarding the setting up of X3650 M3 servers. Contact us now to confirm your order, and we will deliver.
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