Server - ThinkServer TD340

ThinkServer TD340 types

Server - ThinkServer TD340

ThinkServer TD340 is the server to run for strenuous workloads such as CRM and web database applications. It is a high-performing dual-processor server based on Intel Xeon e5-2400 v2 or e5-2400. The TD340 server boasts a high memory capacity of up to 192GB and features 8 2.5" hot-swap HDDs or SSDs with plenty of room for scalability. It is, no doubt, a server solution that can revolutionize your business.

Offers High Performance and Reliability

If you are looking for a server to run for your enterprise, then invest in this entry-level rack server that comes in a 5U form factor chassis. With dual Intel Xeon e5-2400 series processing units running at 2.20GHz, hot-swap storage devices, integrated RAID, and other redundant components, you get the performance you need. It never matters the memory capacity or processing power that your applications demand. The ThinkServer TD340 always delivers.

Grows to Meet your Business Needs

Businesses usually grow in an unpredictable pattern. That makes it very difficult to plan in advance, but TD340 makes it possible. This Lenovo ThinkServer comes with installed 192GB memory and offers you space to add more hard drives or solid-state drives to achieve a memory capacity of 48TB. You can do that gradually as your business applications demand more data storage devices. The server also features 6 PCI slots that make it possible to attach more peripherals, including 10 GB Ethernet, RAID controller, bus adapter, etc. It is the most cost-effective tower server that is ready for your business.

Highly Adaptable to Any Business Environment

TD340 tower server is designed with open industry standards and protocols to make it easy to integrate into any business environment. It is possible to use the server management tools in your possession or use the ones that come with it at no extra cost. ThinkServer features its own in-built management modules, making it possible to remotely access and monitor, thereby reducing the number of trips you have to make to the server site.

Energy-Efficient Tower Server Solution

Regardless of its massive 5U chassis and high performance, the TD340 tower server is still one of the most energy-efficient servers on the market. You get to reduce the strain that other servers cause on your energy meter by choosing the Lenovo ThinkServer.

This is an enterprise-ready server that is ready from the box. Buy one or the number you need from ALLHDD to transform your business. With it comes easy management, high performance, high scalability, and low energy consumption. Contact us to confirm your order, and we guarantee timely delivery of quality products backed up with the vendor's warranty.