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Software licensing is an issue of concern in the computing world. We have heard of many cases where customers purchase licenses that have expired and never get to use them at all. That should not be the case if you take your time to know who you are buying the license from. Licenses are basically a legal-binding agreement between the manufacturer and product users or distributors. At ALLHDD, we help different US companies and others buy the right licenses for their businesses.

Why Do You Need to License Software?

Software licensing helps you carry out routine tasks such as deploying, maintaining, managing, and updating your software, such as operating systems. The use of unlicensed software can ruin the reputation of your organization. Do not wait for vendors to file a court case against you for breaching copyright and binding terms and conditions. License software you are using to always stay safe from legal issues and run your systems smoothly.

Dell Digital License for 14Th Gen Servers

The 385-BBKW Dell iDRAC9 Enterprise is a digital license that allows system administrators to remotely monitor, manage, update, and troubleshoot Dell servers. It features a port card with both NIC and vFlash functionalities. This provides fast polling, resulting in quick and smooth power capping. Another good feature of this license is that you do not have to deal with agents anymore, and independent of your operating system or hypervisor you are using.

HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager License

Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager simplifies the management work for servers in LAN or SAN networks. This helps businesses record an increase in productivity, respond faster to changing workload demands, and significantly reduce the data center operational cost. Datacenter administrators can now add, replace, or recover servers in just a few steps. However, you have to license the software to enjoy all the benefits. Buy Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager license for BI C7000 at AllHDD to harness its full capability.

Buy Your Licenses Today

Software licensing is an easy task if you follow the right path. Buying your licenses at ALLHDD ensures that your systems are operating according to the copyright agreements and that you are safe from legal issues. You will maintain your reputation and have a lasting relationship with the hardware vendors as well. Contact our team if you have any questions regarding software licensing for your systems. We are ready to help you comply with the regulations.
HP 459864-B21 Software License Virtual Connect

459864-B21 HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager For Bl C7000 License | New Bulk Pack

Dell 385-BBKW Software License

385-BBKW Idrac9 Enterprise, Digital License 14th Gen Servers | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

HPE 872648-B21 Integrated Support License

872648-B21 Integrated Lights-Out Advanced 1 Server License Support ProLiant Gen8 Gen9 Gen10 for Server | Made by HPE | New Bulk Pack

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