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An operating system is a software that links the user and computer hardware and controls all other programs that run on the computer. An OS plays a vital role in memory, file, processor, and device management. The data transfer between input and output devices takes place through an operating system. You might not be able to use your computer as efficiently as you do with an OS installed when you don't have an OS.

What are Some Functions of an OS?

We may not be able to mention all that an OS does on your computer, but briefly, talk about a few of them.

Memory management

It is the work of an OS to manage your system's memory. Computer memory is just where data is stored as 0s and 1s and retrieved when needed. The OS keeps track of the memory usage, knowing which parts are in use and by which program. It also allocates and deallocates memory space to different programs. It decides on the memory capacity that each process uses.

Process management

This is sometimes referred to as process scheduling. Through the traffic controller program, an OS can track processes and all their status. It assigns process priorities to the CPU and flags any process that no longer requires the CPU.

Peripheral device management

Your computer system needs to communicate with peripheral devices, including IO, printers, scanners, etc. Through the I/O management program, the OS can determine the device that talks to the CPU and for how long. When the assigned time frame elapses, it is kicked out, and a new IO device gets connected.

File system management and other functions

A computer's file system is arranged into directories, which can have other directories or files. It is the role of an OS to know the location of the files and what data they are so that it can allocate and deallocate the computer resources as appropriate. Other key functions of an OS are ensuring security, detect and handle an error, monitor system performance, etc.

Types of Operating Systems

There are different operating systems in the market today. Windows operating system is the most popular with many applications in different industries. In this product category, we have two types of Windows operating systems.

You can choose either Windows Server 2012 or Windows 7 operating system, depending on the intended use. Note that all these products are genuine and come with licenses. You can also choose between a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS according to your personal preference. These products are also available in different languages such as English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. So, you can make the right choice on what works best for you.

Why Buy An Operating System from ALLHDD

ALLHDD is a certified distributor that sells genuine products with vendor-approved licenses. You are also guaranteed timely delivery of your item and excellent customer support. Contact us for more details about our OS products.

Microsoft 748921-B21 Software Windows Server 2012 R.2 Standard

748921-B21 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R 2 Standard 64-bit License 2 Processor OEM DVD-ROM PC English French German Italian Spanish | Made by HP | New more

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