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Tape Media

If your company has a large amount of data that needs to be securely protected offline as tape media, then this is the place to be. Here on allhdd.com, you find top-of-the-class tape storage devices to suit your needs. Tape drives remain one of the best backup and archival mediums to keep important files safe for an extended period. Our categories of drives for tape media include, 5-10GB SLR-MLR, 4-8GB SLR-MLR, Cartridge SDLT, 160-320GB SDLT, Cartridge LTO, Bar Code Ultr 6, 1.5TB-3.0TB LTO Ultr 5, Bar Code LTO Ultr 5, 400-800GB LTO Ultr 3, Bar Code LTO Ultr 4, 800GB-1.6TB LTO Ultr 4, 200-400GB LTO Ultr 2, 100-200GB LTO Ultr 1, 300GB Half Inch, Cartridge Half Inch, 40-80GB DLT, 80-160GB DLT, 36-72GB DDS-DAT, Cleaning Cartridge, 12-24GB Tape, Others, Cartridge LTO, 2.5TB-6.25TB Ultr 6, 4MM TAPE - 80GB-160GB,and 2.5TB-6.25TB Lto Ultrium-6. You can count on us to deliver quality products from leading brands at pocket-friendly prices.

Tape Drives

A data storage device that uses magnetic tape to read and write data is called a tape drive. For offline and archival data storage purposes, magnetic tape data storage comes out most-preferred among storage mediums. Tape media commonly possess favorable unit cost and high archival durability. According to some manufacturers, tape storage can last up to 30 years. However, LTO tapes are susceptible to storage conditions. Thus, you can count on the 30-year life-span if you deploy the drives in ideal storage conditions, including a constant temperature of approximately 70°F and 40% relative humidity.

Tape Library

A tape library in data storage is a collection of tape drives and magnetic tape cartridges. A tape library (in some cases) is home to hundreds or even thousands of tape drives and cartridges. In the library, there are multiple tapes for data reading and writing. Also, you'll find enclosures for mounting and unmounting cartridges, barcodes, and access ports for entering and removing tapes.

What is Linear Tape Open (LTO)?

Linear Tape Open (LTO), otherwise called the LTO Ultrium format, is a sturdy, scalable, versatile open tape format developed for maximum storage density, high capacity, and top performance. It is the most successful tape format ever made with over 5.6 million drives, 370,870 Billion GB of media capacity, and 351,732,245 cartridges sold.

Advantages of Magnetic Tape Drive Media

Magnetic tape drive media comes with many more benefits than other storage mediums; here is a handful of them.

High Capacity and Flexibility

The recording density of magnetic tape remains on the rise, and there has been confirmation of next-generation technologies— a feature that has almost reached its limits in hard disks. By making the tape longer and thinner, you can increase the capacity of the tape drive.

A Perfect Long-term Storage Solution

As mentioned earlier, magnetic tape drives can last up to 30 years, while hard disks can only manage a few years. With lower failure and error rates, it remains the best platform for storing data for longer periods.


With the magnetic tape media, the problems of hacking, theft, and blackouts are wholly erased as the tape stores its data offline.

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IBM 3580-H5S 1.50TB/3TB Tape Drive

3580-H5S 1.50TB Linear Tape-Open (LTO)-5 Half Height (HH) 3TB Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 140 MBPS 3tb External Tape Drive | Made by IBM | Refurbished

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IBM 3580-L23 200-400GB Tape Drive

3580-L23 Total Storage 200-400GB (Gigabyte) Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Ultrium 2 External Tape Drive | Made by IBM | Refurbished

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IBM 35L2086 Tape Drive Tape Media

35L2086 IBM Ultrium LTO2 LTO3 Universal Cleaning Cartridge | New Factory Sealed 3 Years IBM Warranty

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Tandberg 431891 50/100GB Tape Drive

431891 SLR/MLR 50/100GB (Gigabyte) 5.25 Inch SLR100 Data Corporation Tape Cartridge | Made by Tandberg | New Bulk Pack

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46X7452 3592 Tape Extended 700GB (Gigabyte) 4TB (Terabytes) Total Storage Enterprise Tape Cartridge | Made by IBM | New Bulk Pack

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IBM 59H3878 12/24GB Tape Drive

59H3878 12/24GB (Gigabyte) Digital Data Storage (DDS) 3 Tape Drive | Made by IBM | Refurbished

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HP 695112-001 800/1600GB Tape Drive

695112-001 800/1600GB (Gigabyte) Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 4 Ultrium 1760 Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Half Height (HH) Internal Tape Drive | Made by HP |...read more

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IBM 95P1988 36/72GB Tape Drive

95P1988 36/72GB (Gigabyte) 4MM Internal Tape Drive | Made by IBM | Refurbished

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IBM 95P4516 800/1600GB Tape Drive

95P4516 800/1600GB (Gigabyte) Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 4 Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Low Voltage Differential (LVD) Internal Standalone FH Tape Drive | Made by...read more

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HP C1537-00630 Internal Tape Drive

C1537-00630 Sure Store 12/24GB (Gigabyte) Digital Audio Tape (DAT) 24 Digital Data Storage (DDS) 3 4mm Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 2 Single Ended 5.25 Inch...read more

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