Video Cards - FirePro V3900

FirePro V3900 types

AMD launched a rugged yet flexible workstation GPU back in 2012 i.e., AMD FirePro V3900. Designed with a 40nm processor on-board, this mini-sized chip is based on the Turks Graphics Processor technology. What's impeccable about this GPU is its DirectX 11.2 support which lets the tech-savvies run all the memory-intensive applications with ease.

Turks Graphics-based GPU has a die area of 118 mm² which can equip itself with more than 700 million transistors to optimize the performance. Alongside the latest architecture, this FirePro V3900 has 480 shading units and 24 mapping units. We, at ALLHDD, have an immense range of video cards in the AMD FirePro Series. Buy the 1GB AMD FirePro V3900 at a 2.5% discount now! Here's what you need to know more about the performance and reliability of this FirePro Series GPU.

API Support by AMD FirePro V3900:

FirePro V3900, as already stated, supports DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.2. The Shader Model 5.0 will expose this workstation GPU's APIs towards the memory-intensive and heavy applications to perform well and carry most of the load out of the GPU.

Supports Multiple Displays:

Thanks to the AMD FirePro V series, which has the DisplayPort 1.2 support on-board. This GPU card can carry up to 5 displays via the MST hub without compromising the quality. Alongside MST hub, the daisy chain support is a plus to have!

10-bits per RGB Channel:

30-bits per pixel enables the GPU to produce 10-bits per RGB channel which is 4x more than the predecessors. Thus, the critical graphics and color-intensive models will be exhibited in their true colors and pixel quality on screen via V3900. AMD Autodetect technology will adjust the rest of the setting itself!

HP 677893-002 1GB Video Cards FirePro V3900

677893-002 HP AMD Fire Pro V3900 PCIE 2.1 X16 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card. Refurbished.

HP 703479-001 1GB Video Cards FirePro V3900

703479-001 HP AMD FirePro V3900 PCIE 2.1 X16 1GB GDDR5 Memory Graphics Card. Refurbished.

Dell R0PYW 1GB Video Cards FirePro V3900

R0PYW Dell AMD Fire Pro V3900 PCIE 2.1 X16 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card. Refurbished.