Video Cards - FirePro V7800P

FirePro V7800P types

Are you looking for a single-slot powerful GPU that can even be installed in the rackmount servers? Nothing can be a better choice than the AMD FirePro V7800P. Not only does the ForePor V7800p support the servers, but it can be installed in PCI-E expansion chassis and space congested hardware. That's what makes it a fantastic choice to be utilized for CAD applications, modeling, graphics designing, animations, and more.

The 1440 Stream Processors have taken this GPU to a new level to render the graphics but support parallel processing. A GDDR5 2GB memory connected via the 256-bit memory interface can speed up the transfer rate up to 128GB/s.

Cypress Graphics Processor:

AMD FirePro V7800P is backed up by the Cypress Graphics Processor designed for the minimal outlook having a 40nm process but to support the latest out of all, i.e., DirectX 11.2- a winning combination! The V7800P is equipped with 2154 million transistors on a die area of 334 mm² with some shading units disabled. Thus, 1440 shaders and 72 mapping units yield the maximum performance at the optimized power.

TFLOPS Computer Performance:

You'll be amazed to know that this high-quality workstation GPU can support up to two trillion single-precision floating-point calculation per second-, an out-of-the-world number! Not only the single point, but the GPU has itself enabled for the 400 billion double points floating calculation per second as well.

Passive Cooling- AMD AutoDetect:

What's noteworthy about the AMD FirePro V7800p is the professional-grade passive cooling system to cool down the components continuously. Thus, drawing 138W power, this card has no performance boundaries! AMD Autodetect technology will tackle the rest of the settings.

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