Video Cards - GeForce GT 420

GeForce GT 420 types

Launched in September 2010 but still known for its brilliant performance and top-notch quality architecture, this GeForce GT 420 is the ideal choice for every tech enthusiast. What's noteworthy about NVIDIA's latest GT-series variant is its GF108 process technology alongside the DirectX 12 support. That's one of the reasons why most CAD engineers, tech-savvies, professional graphic designers, and gamers find it suitable for their color-intensive tasks and applications.

Another attribute that made this workstation GPU compete with all the latest models is the compact-sized die area of 116 mm², which is equipped with 585 million transistors. NVIDIA has complemented this GPU with all the optimum conditions you need to run the critical applications. Some notable improvements include the disabled shader (the current number is 48) alongside the 4 texture mapping units on-board.

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Fermi Architecture holds it at the top!

This workstation GPU is loaded with NVIDIA's latest Fermi Architecture to extract the maximum out of that mini-sized chip. Designed or built on the 40nm graphics process, this GPU utilizes the shaders for Hot Clocking twice as compared to the predecessors. Not only these dual-clocked shaders are a cause of performance boost for this GeForce GT 420, but they ensure the maximum heat dissipation for the optimized performance. Finally, Fermi's support for the fully cached memory makes it the first-ever GPU architecture to increase memory performance without any lags.

GF108-200 A1 Process:

This GPU is based on the GF108 graphics process, which further equips the 48 shader processing units alongside the 4 texture mapping units and 4 ROPs. This makes the central unit overclocked at 700MHz for the utmost speed and performance.

Improved Cooling- Better Performance:

Apart from the latest architecture design and a 2048MB memory, an improved cooling system makes it a suitable choice for every system. A single-fan cooling system will not only save some space but utilizes less power (around 50W). Additionally, there will be no extra power connectors needed!

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