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Quadro 400 types

The NVIDIA Quadro 400 is a low-profile GPU based on the GT216 graphics processor. It was launched in April 2011 and got warm reception to the market. However, the performance was not as expected as most of the video cards introduced to the market in the past decade have high processing power and more bandwidth. But if you are looking for an entry-level graphics card, this is a good choice because of its features.

Low Power Consumption

Let us first talk about the performance before we can say whether the power consumption rate is justifiable or not. The Quadro 400 features 48 shading units, 8 ROPs, 16 texture mapping units, and 512 DDR3 memory, which is interfaced through a 64-bit bus. This leads to a total memory bandwidth of 12.32GBps. The memory clocks at 770MHz, and the GPU has a clock speed of 450MHz. In general, we can say that the overall performance is relatively good.

Compared to the maximum power rating of 32W, the Quadro 400 is an energy-efficient video card. This high efficiency does not cause thermal heating. The heat generated is effectively dissipated through the single-slot system.

High Performance at the Best Price

Usually, people think that you need more resources to upgrade the GPU. The NVIDIA Quadro 400 gives you the best option of boosting the performance at the best price. Despite the high cost of ownership at the launch time, the market price of these GPUs has considerably dropped. You can get it for a few dollars.

Video Output Ports

Despite being a low-end graphics card, you have two high-resolution video output ports that you can use. The Quadro 400 features one DVI port and one DisplayPort, where you can attach your monitors. The use of adapter cables is also supported, making it possible to drive different display units.

Single-Slot Interfacing

NVIDIA Quadro 400 is a single-slot GPU that requires only a PCI-e 2.0 x16 lane on the motherboard for interfacing with the system. It can draw its maximum power of 32W through the PCIe bus.

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