Video Cards - Quadro 6000

Quadro 6000 types

Tackling the animation and video applications has been much easier since the release of NVIDIA Quadro 6000! As per NVIDIA, Quadro 6000 is the most advanced and powerful GPU to this date as it is built on the Fermi Architecture, shattering the GPUs' previous benchmarks. This professional-class GPU will not only support the virtualization to a whole new level but seamlessly transform your standard techniques to modernized workflow patterns. What else a tech-savvy craves for! Additionally, the Quadro 6000 has a GF100 graphics processor and 512 shaders to reduce the overall target shader count and enhance the performance.

GPU Tessellation with Shader Model 5.0:

Not only has NVIDIA 6000 been a part of the video and animation-related applications, but the medical field has received multiple dynamic improvements over time. The Fermi Architecture, alongside the 4608 CUDA cores (parallel processing technology) and 40nm size, can effectively hold the 3100 million transistors on-board.

6GB GDDR5 Memory- Ultra-fast Bandwidth!

NVIDIA has claimed it to be the industry's first-ever GPU with the 6GB GDDR5 memory bandwidth support on-board! The memory works on the 576 MHz of frequency and optimizes the on-screen performance with 144GB/s speed, even for complex or complicated displays. Also, the models and computation for massive datasets have been made easier.

Dual Copy Engines are faster!

NVIDIA Quadro 6000 holds the 10x faster context switching alongside the highest parallel processing speed. The host accelerating technique, including the Ray Tracing, works in conjunction with color grading and physical stimulation to optimize the performance.

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