Video Cards - Quadro FX 5600

Quadro FX 5600 types

NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 is a dual-port processor that draws power through a 6-pin connector. That is understandable because of the massive performance that the GPU offers. A quick look into its technical specs reveals that the GPU has 24 ROPs, 32 texture mapping units, 128 shading units, and has 1.5GB DDR3 memory connected to the 384-bit bus. The GPU and memory clocks at a frequency of 600MHz and 800MHz, respectively.

High Effective Memory Bandwidth

Since the GPU was primarily designed for workstations, it is logical that it has a high bandwidth required by most of the applications. But what is this throughput? Let us first remind ourselves about the memory capacity and the interface bus. From the previous section, the Quadro FX 5600 graphics card has a massive memory that clocks at 800MHz and utilizes a 384-bit interface. That brings the total throughput to 76.8GBps. All these increases in bandwidth and memory capacity are necessary to improve GPU performance when it comes to games and 3D applications.

High Power Consumption

As you would expect, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 graphics card consumes significant electrical power. It is rated 171W at maximum performance. Despite the high energy consumption, the unit can still remain relatively cold even after running for many hours. The passive heat sink and a fan attached to it ensure better heat dissipation.

Dual Link Digital Display and HD Video Output

The GPU features dual-link TMDS transmitters, making it possible to support ultra-high resolution of up to 3840 x 2400. This leads to more photorealistic image quality projected on your monitor. If you like watching HD movies, then upgrade your PC with this graphics card. It has HDCP circuitry and high support for HD movie players, making you enjoy the best quality videos.

Some applications demand a high stereo viewing capability. Quadro FX 5600 GPU is designed with quad buffered stereo that such programs require from it. You will get everything at its best.


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