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Quadro FX4500 types

When looking for a GPU upgrade, you have to consider technical parameters such as the number of shaders, manufacturing technology, texturing, memory capacity, and GPU and memory clock speeds. These are what determines the performance of any graphics card. You may also consider the image resolution and the number of display ports, but that is dependent on the listed parameters.

What are the Features of Quadro FX 4500?

This GPU is distinctive from the other FX family members in many different ways. What might be common is the memory capacity of 512MB, shared by other graphical processors. NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 has 24 shaders, 24 texture mapping units, 26 ROPs, and GDDR3 memory interfaced through a 256-bit bus. The total throughput is 33.6GBps. These are impressive features that make it possible to render 3D graphic programs and many other visual applications.

Motherboard and Power Compatibility

Before we mention the interfacing methods, let us first talk about the GPU's form factor. The entire unit measures 230mm by 111mm by 38mm. This is important to note because you need what will fit in your computer's chassis. The card uses two slots on the motherboard for interfacing. The first one is the PCIe 1.0 x16 slot, and the other one is the 6-pin power supply. This latter pin is needed since the power required by this card is relatively high and cannot be provided by the PCI-express lanes.

Efficient Cooling Option

The Quadro FX 4500 is rated at 109W at maximum performance. This usually results in internal heating of the GPU. The dual-slot cooling solution is effective enough to keep it within the optimal temperature range. But remember that it will only be effective when you have enough airflow in and out of the system.

Possible Performance Improvement

Some 3D graphics applications and games are so demanding that you might not get the desired result with just a single NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 graphics card. Fortunately, you can pair two similar units to achieve your desired performance. That is the scalability of NVIDIA GPUs.

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HP EA762AA PCI-E DDR3 Video Card

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Dell KU705 512MB Video Cards Quadro FX4500
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KU705 Dell Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 PCI Express X16 512MB GDDR3 SDRAM Dual DVI Graphics Card W/O Cable. New Bulk Pack.

Dell KU705 512MB Video Cards Quadro FX4500

KU705 Dell Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 PCI Express X16 512MB GDDR3 SDRAM Dual DVI Graphics Card W/O Cable. Refurbished.