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GPUs are the processing units that ensure you get images on your computer monitor. Without them, it won't be possible to see anything on the screen. In modern computing and graphic designs, more than just sending images to the monitor is needed. Any graphic card can do it, but you need a working horse to do any meaningful 3D graphic designs. With NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600, you can have your design work done faster and effectively.

Quick Features of Quadro FX 4600

The GPU was manufactured through 90nm technology and features 768MB of GDRR 3 memory interfaced through a 384-bit bus. It has 96 CUDA cores, 24 ROPs, 24 texture mapping units, and 128 shaders. The GPU and memory have clock frequencies of 500MHz and 700MHz, respectively. From these specifications, we get a throughput of 67.2GBps.

PCI-e Lanes and Power Connector

The NVIDIA Quadro requires two slots on the motherboard: the first is a 6-pin power connector, and the second one a PCI express 1.0 x16 data bus. It consumes a considerable amount of energy compared to other FX GPU series, rated at 134W. This high-power usage results in thermal effects that have to be addressed effectively and efficiently. Fortunately, there is a well-defined way of managing the heat generated. Usually, you only need to keep the system well ventilated to allow proper airflow.

Compatibility Considerations

When shopping for a new graphical processing unit, you need to consider its compatibility now and in the future. In that regard, you have to find out the physical size, interface, and bus. Also, check the power connectors. In the case of Quadro FX 4600, a six-pin power connector is needed. In general, you have to check both power and motherboard compatibility and possible future upgrades.

Wide Range of Video Output Ports

The graphic card features two dual-link DVI and one S-Video output. Both of these allow for high resolutions of up to 3840 x 2400 at a frequency of 60Hz. Remember that the video quality will be degraded when you use an adapter to convert from the digital DVI to the analog VGA video signals.

Take 3D Design to a New Level

The Quadro FX 4600 graphics card takes your 3D Design and visualization applications to another level. Buy these GPUs at the best price only from ALLHDD to improve your workstation performance. Reach out if you have any questions regarding shopping for GPUs and other computer hardware from our website. We guarantee the best experience and quality of the product.

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