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NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics card was launched in 2013 for the desktop workstation market. The video card was manufactured through 28nm technology and featured innovative features that made it the favorite among professional graphic designers. Do not be limited in what you can do because your GPU cannot support your application while you can upgrade to the next level. These high-end video cards do not limit what you can do with your workstations.

Meet the Demand of 3D Content Creation and Virtualization

It is only possible to improve your system's performance by choosing the right GPU. To work on your 3D content creation and virtualization projects, you need NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics cards to go with it. Why is it ideal for these demanding applications? Let us quickly highlight the key features of this video card.

Quadro K4000 features 768 shading units, 64 texture mapping units, and 24 ROPs. It is also packed with a 3GB GDDR5 memory interfaced through a 192-bit bus, and the total bandwidth is 134.8GBps. The GPU is clocked at 810MHz and the memory clocks at 1404MHz. These are all impressive features that every professional designer would admire.

What is the Display Capability of Quadro K4000?

A high graphics processing power is a waste of resources if the GPU cannot support the display monitor you have. It is not all about the video output ports but the quality of the signal that gets to the monitor. If you need near-realistic images, then the Quadro K4000 can be a suitable option. Its display output ports include one DVI-I port and two DisplayPort for monitor support. You can also use supported adapters to convert the digital signal to analog signal for analog monitors that use VGA. But you can expect a degradation in the signal quality through the conversion process.

Interfacing Method for NVIDIA Quadro K4000

This GPU is a single-port video card that uses PCIe 2.0 x16 slots on the motherboard for interfacing. It does not have a separate power connector, a common feature of most of the Quadro K-series. It draws its rated power of 80W through the PCI express bus. As you realized, it is one of the most energy-efficient GPUs in the market at this graphics processing power. Consequently, cooling is not an issue with NVIDIA Quadro K4000.

Support for Different Operating System

The capability of supporting many operating systems is crucial for a shared workstation. Every designer is comfortable with a given OS, or you might just want a change of the OS. This GPU supports different versions of Windows OS. You can only install what you use most of the time.

Where Can You Buy the GPU?

If you are looking for a GPU to upgrade your system, then ALLHDD is what you need to make it happen. We have Quadro K4000 video cards and other K-series in stock that you can consider. We are also available to help you shop for the suitable GPU that your system needs. Contact us for more detail.
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