Video Cards - Tesla M1060

Tesla M1060 types

The NVIDIA Tesla M1060 was launched in June 2008 for the desktop market. It can be used to transform workstation computers by boosting their performance to outperform small clusters. Through this GPU, many professional designers now have a reliable resource at their disposal. It is more energy-efficient than shared clusters you often find at the data centers.

Processing Technology and Architecture

Tesla M1060 video card is based on Tesla's architecture and manufactured through 65nm technology. It uses a relatively large GT200B processor packed with 1400 million transistors. This graphics processor supports DirectX 11.1, but it runs into problems when running applications that require this capability. We would, therefore, recommend purchasing it for other uses.

Power Connectors and System Interfacing

The NVIDIA Tesla M1060 is a dual-slot card that requires both 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors to supply it with a maximum power of 188W. It attaches to the computer's motherboard through a PCIe 2.0 x16 bus. Despite the high performance, this particular graphics card is not designed to support any display unit. It does not have video output ports.

High-Performance Memory Unit

What influences the performance of any GPU is its memory capacity. Fortunately, Tesla M1060 can be grouped with high-end video cards because of its high memory capacity of 4GB. This is a GDDR3 memory that uses a 512-bit bus and runs at 800Mhz. Other performance features include 32 ROPs, 80 texture mapping units, and 240 shading units. The bandwidth of the system is 102.4GBps.

Dual-Slot Cooling Solution

More effort was put into the design of this graphics card to ensure cooling. The high-power consumption rate is expected to generate a lot of heat, which is consequently dissipated away through the dual-slot cooling system. The system features a passive heat sink and a fan that encourages heat dissipation.

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