Video Cards - Tesla M2090

Tesla M2090 types

The NVIDIA Tesla M2090 video card is one of the high-end GPUs in the market today. It was launched with servers as the main target. Despite not having video output ports, it significantly boosts the performance of the system. Many professionals who require high graphics processing power would certainly consider it for system upgrades.

Architecture and Bus Interfacing

The Tesla M2090 is manufactured through the 40nm process and is based on the Fermi architecture. It uses up to 3 billion transistors to achieve the high-performance required by many applications. It is connected to the system through the PCI-express 2.0 x16 bus and two additional power connectors. To power the system, a maximum of 250W is needed. That is supplied through one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors.

The Tesla M2090 features up to 512 version 2.0 CUDA cores, 48 color ROPs, and 56 texture mapping units. The processor clocks at 651MHz, contributing to its high performance.

High Memory Performance

Most users are more interested in the memory performance of the GPU that they buy for their systems. That is because the memory capacity and type affect the overall performance of a video card. The higher the memory capacity, the better the card is. NVIDIA Tesla M2090 features a whopping 6GB of GDDR5 memory interfaced through a 384-bit bus and clocks at 925MHz. The resultant bandwidth is 177.6GBps.

These are impressive features that give the cards unrivaled performance. The Tesla M2090 video cards can run almost all graphics applications without any problems, making them famous among professional designers.

ECC Memory Error Protection

Memory error can result in massive damages in data centers and supercomputers where these GPUs are commonly used. With Tesla M2090, you are safe. The graphics card can meet the strict computing accuracy required by various applications. All the registers and memory units are protected from ECC.

Effective Cooling System

With the high-power consumption, you would expect adverse thermal effects when using NVIDIA Tesla M2090. To everyone's surprise, this GPU suffers less of it. Apart from having high efficiency, the unit features a dual cooling system that effectively dissipates heat away from it.

Upgrade Your Servers Now

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