Western Digital WD140EFFX 14TB Hard Drive
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Western Digital WD140EFFX WD RED NAS 14TB Hard Drive 5400RPM Bulk

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WD140EFFX WD RED Network-Attached Storage (NAS) 14 Terabytes (TB) 5400 Revolutions Per Minute(RPM) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) 512 Megabytes(MB) Buffer 3.5Inch Large Form Factor (LFF) Internal Hard Disk Drive | Made by Western Digital | New Bulk Pack
Western Digital
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New Bulk Pack
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30 Days

Overview of Western Digital WD140EFFX

The Western Digital WD140EFFX is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) hard drive that's designed to meet the storage needs of both home and small business users. With a whopping 14 Terabytes (TB) of storage capacity, this drive offers an expansive amount of space to store your digital treasures, whether it be a vast collection of movies, music, photos, or critical business data. This enormous storage capacity can easily handle the demands of modern data-intensive applications, making it an excellent choice for those in need of large-scale data storage solutions.

Details Information

The WD140EFFX is a 14 terabyte (TB) internal hard drive from Western Digital's RED NAS line. It is designed for use in network-attached storage (NAS) systems, which are specialized devices that allow multiple users to access and share data over a network.

The drive has a rotation speed of 5400 RPM and uses the SATA-6GBPS interface for data transfer. It also has a 512MB buffer, which is a small amount of memory that helps to improve the performance of the drive by temporarily storing data before it is written to the disk.

The WD RED NAS line is specifically designed for use in NAS systems and is optimized for reliability and performance in these environments. The drives are also designed to consume less power, which can help to reduce the overall energy consumption of the NAS system.

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute

The WD140EFFX operates at 5400 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). RPM is a critical factor that determines how quickly data can be read and written to a hard drive. Higher RPM drives, such as 7200 RPM, are known for faster data access, but they often consume more power and produce more heat. On the other hand, 5400 RPM drives like the WD140EFFX are considered a balanced choice, offering a good compromise between speed and energy efficiency. They are particularly well-suited for NAS applications where continuous operation and power efficiency are essential.

SATA Interface Speed

The WD140EFFX employs the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface with a 6 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) data transfer speed. SATA is a widely used interface for connecting storage devices like hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) to motherboards and other storage controllers. The SATA 6GBPS interface used in this drive offers excellent data transfer speed and is compatible with most modern computers and NAS systems. It ensures that your data can be read from and written to the drive quickly and efficiently, enhancing the overall performance of your storage solution.

Buffer Size

A substantial 512 Megabytes (MB) of buffer memory accompanies the WD140EFFX. Buffer memory, often referred to as cache, is a temporary storage area on the hard drive that helps in improving data access and transfer speeds. A larger buffer allows the drive to store more data temporarily, which can be accessed more quickly when needed. This is especially useful for tasks that involve frequent data access, like streaming media or running applications. The generous 512MB buffer size in this WD drive ensures that data can be swiftly retrieved, contributing to a smoother overall user experience.

Form Factor

The WD140EFFX comes in a 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF). The form factor of a hard drive defines its physical size and shape. In this case, the 3.5-inch form factor is commonly used for internal hard drives, and it's the standard size for desktop and NAS hard drives. The larger form factor allows for more space inside the drive, which can result in increased storage capacity and better heat dissipation. It's important to note that this drive is not suitable for laptops or other devices with smaller hard drive bays that typically require 2.5-inch drives.

Exceptional Reliability

  • The WD140EFFX Western Digital WD RED NAS 14TB 5400RPM SATA-6GBPS 512MB Buffer Internal Hard Drive is designed to be highly reliable for use in network-attached storage (NAS) systems.
  • One way the drive improves reliability is through its use of the advanced technology called NASware 3.0. This technology is specifically designed to optimize the drive's performance and reliability in a NAS environment by reducing common issues such as system crashes and data loss.
  • Additionally, the drive has a high storage capacity of 14 terabytes (TB), which means it can store large amounts of data. This can help to reduce the risk of data loss by providing more space for backups and multiple copies of important files.
  • The drive also has a 512MB buffer, which is a small amount of memory that helps to improve the performance of the drive by temporarily storing data before it is written to the disk. This can help to reduce the risk of data loss by ensuring that important data is written to the disk as quickly as possible.

Finally, the drive is built to be highly durable, with a design that can withstand the demands of a 24x7 operating environment.

Western Digital WD RED Series

The WD140EFFX is part of Western Digital's WD RED series of hard drives, which are specifically designed for Network-Attached Storage (NAS) applications. WD RED drives are renowned for their reliability and compatibility with a wide range of NAS systems. They are tailored to meet the demands of 24/7 operation, which is a common requirement in NAS environments.

NAS Compatibility

One of the key features that set WD RED drives apart is their compatibility with NAS systems. These drives are rigorously tested to ensure they work seamlessly with leading NAS manufacturers, making setup and integration a breeze. Whether you're using a Synology, QNAP, or other NAS device, WD RED drives are designed to fit perfectly into your storage ecosystem.

24/7 Reliability

NAS systems are expected to run non-stop, and this puts special demands on the drives used in such setups. The WD RED series is engineered to handle continuous operation, and the WD140EFFX is no exception. It's built to withstand the rigors of round-the-clock use, which is essential for businesses and individuals who rely on their NAS for critical data storage and access.

RAID Optimization

Many NAS setups employ Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) configurations to enhance data protection and performance. WD RED drives are optimized for RAID environments, ensuring that they perform reliably and efficiently when used in RAID arrays. This drive's compatibility with RAID setups further enhances its appeal for NAS applications.

Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS)

  • Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) is a type of interface that is used to connect hard drives and other storage devices to a computer or other host device. SAS is similar to the more common Serial ATA (SATA) interface, but it is designed for use in high-performance and high-availability environments, such as data centers and enterprise storage systems.
  • SAS offers several advantages over SATA, including higher data transfer speeds, greater scalability, and better fault tolerance. SAS also supports a wider variety of devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and tape drives.
  • One of the key differences between SAS and SATA is that SAS uses a point-to-point connection between the host device and each storage device, while SATA uses a shared bus. This means that each SAS device has its dedicated connection to the host, which can improve performance and reduce the risk of contention.
  • The WD140EFFX Western Digital WD RED NAS 14TB 5400RPM SATA-6GBPS Hard Drive, however, uses the SATA interface instead of SAS. SATA is more commonly used in consumer-level and small-business systems, and it is less expensive than SAS. It is suitable for most general usage such as storing files, backing up data, etc.

Benefits of the Western Digital WD140EFFX

Now that we've explored the technical specifications and the unique characteristics of the WD140EFFX, let's delve into the practical benefits and advantages it offers to users.

Vast Storage for Data Enthusiasts

For those who are passionate about collecting digital content, whether it's high-definition videos, extensive photo libraries, or massive game installations, the WD140EFFX's 14TB storage capacity is a dream come true. It can accommodate a vast amount of data, making it an excellent choice for multimedia enthusiasts and digital content creators who need ample space to store their work.

Smooth Media Streaming

Streaming media from a NAS is a common use case, and the WD140EFFX is well-suited for this purpose. The combination of its 5400 RPM speed, 512MB buffer, and NAS-specific optimization ensures that media files can be accessed and streamed without interruptions. Whether you're watching high-definition movies, listening to your entire music library, or accessing large image collections, this drive delivers a seamless streaming experience.

Data Redundancy and Security

Data is valuable, and losing it can be catastrophic. NAS systems often use RAID configurations to safeguard against data loss. The WD140EFFX is optimized for RAID setups, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize data redundancy and security. By using this drive in a RAID array, you can protect your data from drive failures and ensure high availability.

Energy Efficiency

The WD140EFFX's 5400 RPM speed and 6GBPS SATA interface ensure efficient data access without consuming excessive power. Energy efficiency is an important consideration for NAS systems that run continuously. By choosing a drive like the WD140EFFX, you can reduce your energy consumption and operating costs while maintaining reliable storage performance.

Quiet and Cool Operation

While in operation, the WD140EFFX maintains a low noise level. This is a crucial factor for those who want a quiet environment, whether at home or in a small office. Additionally, the drive's large form factor allows for better heat dissipation, ensuring that it runs cool even during extended use. A cooler drive is more likely to have a longer lifespan, which is a significant benefit for users who aim for long-term reliability.

Use Cases for WD140EFFX

The WD140EFFX is a versatile hard drive with various use cases, primarily revolving around network-attached storage (NAS) applications. Let's explore some of the scenarios where this drive can be a valuable addition:

Home Media Server

If you're a home entertainment enthusiast with a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and music, the WD140EFFX is an excellent choice for creating a home media server. Its 14TB capacity allows you to store your entire media library in one central location, accessible to all your devices on your home network. You can stream high-definition content to your smart TV, gaming console, or mobile devices without any hiccups, thanks to its smooth media streaming capabilities.

Small Business Data Storage

Small businesses can greatly benefit from the WD140EFFX as a cost-effective and reliable data storage solution. Whether you need to back up critical business data, run virtual machines, or store large volumes of customer information, this drive offers ample space and 24/7 reliability. It's also optimized for RAID configurations, ensuring that your data remains secure even in the event of drive failures.

Backup Solution

Data backup is crucial for both personal and professional use. The WD140EFFX can serve as a dedicated backup drive for your entire network. You can schedule regular backups of your computers and devices to this drive, ensuring that your data is safe and easily recoverable in case of accidental deletion or hardware failures.

Multimedia Production

Professionals engaged in multimedia production, such as video editors and photographers, generate large files that demand significant storage space. The WD140EFFX can be an excellent asset for storing raw footage, high-resolution images, and completed projects. Its reliability and compatibility with RAID setups provide peace of mind for professionals who can't afford to lose their work.

General Information about this Western Digital WD140EFFX

  • Manufacturer: Western Digital Corporation
  • Part Number or SKU# WD140EFFX
  • Type: Hard Disk Drive
  • Sub-Type: SATA-6GBPS
  • Product Line: WD Red

Key Features of 14TB Hard Disk Drive

  • Capacity: 14 TB
  • Interface: 6GBPS SATA
  • Drive Dimensions: 3.5 Inch
  • Spindle Speed: 5400 Rpm
  • Max. Sustained Transfer Rate: 210 MBPS
  • Buffer: 512 MB

In summary, the Western Digital WD140EFFX WD RED Network-Attached Storage (NAS) 14 Terabytes (TB) 5400 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) 512 Megabytes (MB) Buffer 3.5-Inch Large Form Factor (LFF) Internal Hard Disk Drive is a powerful storage solution that caters to the needs of home users, small businesses, and enthusiasts alike. Its remarkable 14TB capacity, combined with its reliable 5400 RPM speed, efficient 6GBPS SATA interface, generous 512MB buffer, and compatibility with RAID setups, make it a versatile choice for various applications.

Whether you're creating a home media server, managing critical business data, implementing a robust backup solution, or working on multimedia projects, the WD140EFFX offers the necessary capacity, performance, and reliability to get the job done. With the added benefits of energy efficiency, quiet operation, and the reputation of the WD RED series, this hard drive is a solid investment for those seeking a reliable NAS storage solution.

By following compatibility guidelines, performing a smooth installation, and implementing best practices for data management and drive maintenance, you can make the most of your WD140EFFX and ensure that your valuable data remains safe and accessible. With this hard drive as the backbone of your storage setup, you can enjoy a seamless and reliable storage experience for years to come.

Western Digital
Product Condition:
New Bulk Pack
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30 Days

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