Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB Solid State Drive
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Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC SSD Dell Refurbished

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MZ-7L3480A 480 Gigabytes (GB) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) Mix Use Triple Level Cell (TLC) Solid State Drive | Made by Samsung | Refurbished | Dell OEM
Product Condition:
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days
Product Overview for the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC SSD is a storage device that offers high-speed data storage and retrieval capabilities for various computing needs. This SSD is designed to meet the requirements of both personal and professional users, ensuring a reliable and efficient storage solution.

We will delve into the specifics of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD. We'll cover its key features, advantages, and the technology behind it. We will also explore how this SSD can benefit users in different scenarios and discuss its compatibility and installation. By the end of this article, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC SSD.

Key Features of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD
  • Capacity-High Storage Space: The Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD boasts a capacity of 480GB, making it an ideal choice for users who require ample storage space for their data, applications, and files. With this much storage, you can easily store your photos, videos, documents, and software applications without worrying about running out of space.
  • SATA 6GBPS Interface: The SSD is equipped with a SATA 6GBPS interface, which ensures high data transfer speeds. This feature allows for seamless data transfer between your SSD and the rest of your computer components. You can enjoy faster boot times and quicker access to your data with this interface.
  • Mix Use TLC NAND Flash: The Mix Use TLC NAND Flash technology used in this SSD combines the best features of TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND and MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND. This results in a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance. Users get the benefits of both worlds, including higher storage capacities and faster write speeds.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Samsung is known for its high-quality products, and the MZ-7L3480A SSD is no exception. It offers enhanced reliability and durability, ensuring that your data remains safe. It is built to withstand various environmental conditions and has a longer lifespan compared to traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).
  • Data Protection and Encryption: The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD features data protection and encryption features to keep your data secure. With advanced encryption standards, your sensitive information is safe from unauthorized access. This is particularly important for those who deal with confidential data.
  • Compatibility: This SSD is designed to be compatible with a wide range of computing devices, including laptops and desktops. It works well with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it a versatile choice for a variety of users.
Advantages of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD

Now that we've explored the key features of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD, let's discuss the advantages that make it a compelling choice for users:

  • Speed and Performance: One of the primary advantages of this SSD is its speed and performance. With a SATA 6GBPS interface and Mix Use TLC NAND Flash technology, it offers faster data read and write speeds. This means quicker boot times, reduced application load times, and overall improved system performance. Whether you're using your computer for gaming, content creation, or everyday tasks, this SSD can significantly enhance your user experience.
  • Reliability and Durability: The Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD is built to last. It is more reliable and durable compared to traditional HDDs. SSDs have no moving parts, which reduces the risk of mechanical failures and data loss. This durability is particularly valuable for users who need to rely on their storage for critical data or who use their devices in challenging environments.
  • Data Protection: Data protection is a top priority for many users, and this SSD offers enhanced data security features. The built-in encryption capabilities protect your data from unauthorized access. This is crucial for individuals and businesses that deal with sensitive information and want to maintain their privacy and security.
  • Quiet and Energy-Efficient: The absence of moving parts in an SSD means it operates silently. Unlike HDDs that can produce noise while reading and writing data, the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD ensures a quiet computing environment. Additionally, SSDs are energy-efficient, which can extend your laptop's battery life and reduce overall power consumption.
  • Compatibility: The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD is compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, and workstations. Whether you have a Windows or Mac system, you can easily integrate this SSD into your setup, enhancing the storage and performance of your computer.
  • High Capacity: With a capacity of 480GB, this SSD offers ample storage space for various needs. It is well-suited for users who store large media files, software applications, and games. The high capacity allows you to maintain a clutter-free storage environment and organize your data effectively.
Technology Behind the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD

To better understand the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD, it's essential to delve into the technology that powers this storage device. Here, we'll explore the key technological components that make this SSD stand out:

  • NAND Flash Memory: The heart of any solid-state drive is its NAND flash memory. NAND flash memory is a non-volatile storage technology that retains data even when the power is turned off. In the case of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD, it uses TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND flash memory. TLC NAND stores three bits of data per memory cell, making it more cost-effective and allowing for higher storage capacities.
  • Mix Use TLC NAND Flash: The Mix Use TLC NAND Flash technology in this SSD is a blend of TLC NAND and MLC NAND, which stands for Multi-Level Cell. MLC NAND stores two bits of data per memory cell, offering better performance and endurance than TLC NAND. The Mix Use TLC NAND technology strikes a balance between the cost-effectiveness of TLC NAND and the performance of MLC NAND, resulting in a reliable and high-capacity storage solution with faster write speeds.
  • SATA Interface: The SSD is equipped with a SATA 6GBPS interface. SATA, which stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, is a standard interface used for connecting storage devices to a computer's motherboard. The 6GBPS specification indicates the maximum data transfer rate, which is 6 gigabits per second. This high-speed interface allows for fast data transfer between the SSD and other components in your computer.
  • Controller: The controller in an SSD is responsible for managing data storage and retrieval. The Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD features a robust controller that plays a crucial role in optimizing performance and ensuring the efficient operation of the SSD.
  • Data Protection and Encryption: Data protection and encryption features are essential in today's digital world. The Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD includes advanced encryption standards to protect your data from unauthorized access. This technology ensures that your sensitive information remains confidential and secure.
How the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD Benefits Different Users

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SSD offers a wide range of benefits to various user groups. Let's explore how different users can take advantage of this storage device:

  • Gamers: Gamers can benefit significantly from the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD. Its high-speed data transfer and fast read and write speeds can reduce game loading times, allowing gamers to get into their favorite games more quickly. Additionally, the high capacity of 480GB provides ample space to store a large game library without compromising performance. The reliability and durability of the SSD ensure that game installations and updates won't be interrupted by potential hard drive failures.
  • Content Creators: For content creators, such as video editors, graphic designers, and 3D modelers, speed and storage capacity are crucial. The Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD can significantly improve workflow efficiency by reducing the time it takes to access and edit large media files. Whether you're working on high-definition videos or intricate 3D models, this SSD's performance will help you complete your projects faster. Its high capacity ensures that you have enough space for your creative assets.
  • Business and Professional Users: Businesses and professional users who deal with sensitive data will appreciate the data protection and encryption features of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD. This SSD can help protect confidential information, ensuring that it remains secure from unauthorized access. Moreover, enhanced reliability and durability are essential for businesses that rely on their storage solutions to store critical data and applications. This SSD can contribute to uninterrupted business operations.
  • Everyday Users: Even everyday users who use their computers for web browsing, document editing, and general multitasking can benefit from the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD. The SSD's speed and performance enhancements will result in a more responsive computing experience. Tasks like booting up the computer, opening applications, and browsing the web will be noticeably faster, making daily computer usage more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Students: Students often have a variety of digital files, including documents, presentations, and media. The high capacity of the Samsung MZ-7L3480A SSD ensures that students have sufficient space to store their academic work and personal files. The speed of the SSD also aids in quick access to study materials and reduces the time spent waiting for applications to load, allowing students to focus on their studies more effectively.

Optimized for Use Applications

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive is designed to provide high-speed performance and reliability for a range of applications that require a mix of read and write operations. This drive uses TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND flash memory, which is optimized for mixed-use scenarios, offering fast data access and efficient write speeds for demanding applications such as gaming, multimedia playback, and data storage.

The SATA 6GBPS interface provides a fast and reliable data transfer rate, ensuring that the drive can keep up with demanding applications and provide smooth and seamless performance. The drive also features a large 480GB capacity, providing plenty of storage space for files, documents, and applications.

In summary, the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive is designed for applications that require high-speed performance and reliable data storage. With its optimized NAND flash memory and fast SATA interface, it is a great choice for users who demand performance and reliability in their everyday computing tasks.

Data Encryption and Security

Data encryption is the process of converting sensitive information into a coded format that is unreadable by unauthorized individuals. It provides an extra layer of security to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or theft.

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive supports data encryption through the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is an encryption standard widely used by government organizations and private companies to secure sensitive data. The AES encryption technology uses complex algorithms to scramble the data, making it unreadable without the correct decryption key.

The drive also has a secure erase feature, which allows users to securely erase the data stored on the drive, ensuring that it cannot be recovered by unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, the drive supports Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology, which automatically encrypts data as it is being written to the drive. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the data even if the drive is removed from the system.

Overall, the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive provides a high level of data encryption and security, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.

Potential Applications of 6GBPS SSD

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive has several potential applications, including:

  • Personal Computers: The drive can be used as a primary storage device in personal computers, providing fast data access and reliable performance.
  • Gaming PCs: With its fast read and write speeds, this drive is perfect for gaming PCs where quick data access is important for smooth gaming experiences.
  • Laptops: The drive can be used as a primary or secondary storage device in laptops, providing quick data access and increased storage capacity.
  • Enterprise Servers: The drive's high performance and reliability make it suitable for use in enterprise servers, where large amounts of data need to be stored and processed quickly.
  • Data Centers: With its high capacity and fast data access speeds, this drive is ideal for use in data centers, where large amounts of data need to be stored and processed quickly.

The Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC Solid State Drive can be used in a variety of applications where fast data access and reliable performance are important.

General Information about this Samsung MZ-7L3480A
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Model Number or SKU# MZ-7L3480A
  • Product Type: Solid State Drive
  • Storage Capacity: 480GB
Technical Information for 480GB Solid State Drive
  • Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
  • Data Transfer Rate: 600 MBPS
  • Interface: SATA 6GBPS
  • Encryption Algorithm: 256-bit AES
  • Nand Flash Memory Type: 3d Triple-level Cell (TLC)
Performance for SATA 6GBPS SSD
  • Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD): 1.3
  • 4kb Random Read: 98000 IOPS
  • 4kb Random Write: 31000 IOPS
  • Power Consumption (Write): 3.2 W
  • Power Consumption (Read): 2.1 W
  • Drive Transfer Rate: 600 MBPS (external)
  • Internal Data Rate: 560 MBPS (Read) / 530 MBPS (Write)
  • MTBF: 2,000,000 Hours
  • Non-recoverable Errors: 1 Per 10^17

In summary, the Samsung MZ-7L3480A 480GB SATA 6GBPS Mix Use TLC SSD is a powerful and versatile storage solution that offers high-speed performance, reliability, and data protection. It is suitable for a wide range of users, including gamers, content creators, businesses, everyday users, and students. With its compatibility with various operating systems and easy installation, upgrading to this SSD is a practical and efficient way to boost your computer's performance and storage capacity. Whether you need faster load times for games, efficient media editing, or enhanced data security, this SSD can meet your requirements and improve your overall computing experience.

Product Condition:
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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