Software types

Operating system software helps users to run critical applications, manage a computer's hardware resources, and helps to support basic functions including controlling peripherals and scheduling tasks.

Start off by identifying your requirements before setting out to buy an operating system. The best operating system (OS) should be able to run critical computing applications, allow memory and storage allocation through the CPU, and manage the device's hardware and software.

For home use, operating systems include Mac OS and Windows OS which are sufficient for the basic applications such as web browsing and writing. However, Windows OS is better optimized for gaming compared to Mac OS.

We have Linus based operating systems that are one of the lightest and fastest in the market. These Linux-based OS including Fedora, CentOS server, and Ubuntu Server do not require powerful processors to operate at optimum. They are best suited for running business enterprises that require significant computing power.

Server OS are more scalable compared to the everyday operating systems since they enable unlimited user connections, have big memory capacity, and play a role as universal servers for databases, emails, and the web. A server OS will handle multiple desktops since they are network optimized.

Software Licenses

As a business, you must be sure that the software license you are purchasing is legal and that you do not have to pay for licenses that end up not being used. Licenses are basically legal instruments that allow consumers to use and/or redistribute software. Most organizations use proprietary software licenses from major vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and IBM.

Too many unused licenses end up wasting a company's resources. We help businesses get the right license agreements, maintain ongoing compliance, and ensure the easy management of software assets in the company. Use of software without proper licenses will attract lawsuits for breach of copyright and other legal underpinnings.

We have different types of software licenses for all types of businesses including permissive licenses that confer various rights as per the terms of the agreement. Both end-user license agreement (EULA) and subscription based licenses are available depending on the type of application in use. Subscription-based licenses are common with SaaS and have the advantages of flexibility and ability to scale according to need.

For custom software built in-house, we transfer all intellectual property right to our clients. It helps our clients to license their software so that it fits well with their growth and monetization strategy. Always double check that all IP rights have been assigned to your legal entity before proceeding to license the software product.

Care Packs

Our care packs fit your business needs at present and in the future. We help businesses in getting maximum value from their investment. The care packs are designed to bring instant access to professional support and service teams to ensure business continuity.

The main benefits of getting the care packs include minimization of downtime, peace of mind through trouble free usage, proper and efficient maintenance and warranties for extended support, professional advice, priority support, and predictable support.

The notable features of the care pack are licensing, major and minor system updates, installation help, bug reports and fixes, configuration support, direct hotline access 24/7, system health and system recovery, distinct and defined processes for elevation and escalation, support via email and other preferred channels, and warranties for spare parts and labor. We are ready to cover all eventualities and have options that meet all your needs and budgets. We will customize the package to meet your unique needs and in resolution of any problem.

HP 459864-B21 Software License Virtual Connect

459864-B21 HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager For Bl C7000 License | New Bulk Pack

Microsoft 748921-B21 Software Windows Server 2012 R.2 Standard

748921-B21 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R 2 Standard 64-bit License 2 Processor OEM DVD-ROM PC English French German Italian Spanish | Made by HP | New more

Dell 385-BBKW Software License

385-BBKW Idrac9 Enterprise, Digital License 14th Gen Servers | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

HP H8QL8E HP Care Pack Server Service

H8QL8E Foundation Care DL360 SVC PL-96 SVCS GEN10 | Made by HP | New Factory Sealed 3 Years Warranty

HPE 872648-B21 Integrated Support License

872648-B21 Integrated Lights-Out Advanced 1 Server License Support ProLiant Gen8 Gen9 Gen10 for Server | Made by HPE | New Bulk Pack

HP U7AQ5E Software Care Pack

U7AQ5E HP 5y 24x7 DL360 Gen9 Foundation Care Service. New Bulk Pack

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