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Media preservation has come a long way, and the methods of storing data over the years are ever-changing. However, one method had stood out since its invention in 1949; and that's tape storage. If you are looking for durability, low cost, longevity, energy efficiency, density, and scalability, then investing in tape storage is a smart move. Thanks to our vast collection of tape drive storage devices, you are all covered when this is what you need. Depending on your budget and storage needs, you can choose from categories including LTO - 5 Lib Expansion, LTO - 5 Rack Mount, LTO - 5 Library, LTO - 6 Library, LTO - 6 Rack Mount, LTO - 6 Lib Expansion, LTO - 6 Internal, LTO - 6 External, LTO - 6 Auto Loader, Magstar Internal, SDLT 220 External, SDLT 220 Internal, SDLT 320 External, SDLT 320 Loader, SDLT 320 Internal, SDLT 600 External, SDLT 600 Internal, SDLT 600 Loader, Storageworks Internal, Storageworks Library, Travan 10-20GB Internal, and Travan 20-40GB Internal. Tape drives present an excellent means to write data to storage and hold onto data for a couple of decades. They make an ideal medium for long-term storage and backups.

What is Tape Storage?

A tape drive is a storage device designed to store data on magnetic tape. It is primarily used for backup and archiving purposes. It functions like a tape recorder in recording data on a loop of a flexible celluloid-like medium that is readable and erasable. Tape drives operate in two ways. The first uses a linear tape technology where the heads never touch the tape or a regular helical scan where the playback and recording heads touch the tape.

Choosing a Tape Drive; Buying Guide

There are countless tape drives available on the market today; these few considerations will keep you on track when choosing one.

Transfer rate

You'd want to go for a tape drive with the ability to complete a tape backup within your window of possibility. For instance, back up 400GB will call for a transfer rate of approximately 30GB/hour.


Tape drive manufacturers are always known to specify the drive's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). Check this vital information to measure the reliability of the drive. A typical example is the Travan tape drive with an MTBF of 370,000 hours at a 20% duty cycle, and running the drive longer will reduce its reliability. Depending on your needs, you can tell if this tape drive is the best or not.


A tape drive should have the capacity to store your backups, and well come at the right price. The price of the drive is a function of capacity and performance. There are continuous modifications in tape capacity; the largest capacity is always a high price. However, it would help if you considered how much value-for-money the tape drive will give you. Depending on your budget and needs, you may prefer capacity over performance and vice versa.

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Dell 000N7 1.5TB/3TB Tape Drive LTO - 5 Internal

Dell 000N7 1.5TB/3TB LTO-5 SAS Internal Tape Drive | Refurbished

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HPE 834167-001 6TB/15TB Tape Drive Tape Storage LTO - 7 Internal

834167-001 HPE 6TB/15TB MSL LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 FC Tape Library Drive. Refurbished.

3% Discount on Checkout
HP BC022A Tape Drive LTO-8

BC022A 12TB/30TB (Terabyte) Storeever Linear Tape-Open (LTO) -8 Half Height (HH) Ultrium 30750 Tape Drive | Made by HP | Brand New 3 Years Warranty

3% Discount on Checkout
HP Q1539B Tape Drive LTO-3

Q1539B 400/800GB Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 3 Ultrium 960 U320 Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Low Voltage Differential (LVD) Hd68 External Tape Drive | Made by HP |...read more

3% Discount on Checkout
IBM 46X6073 3TB LTO-5 Tape Drive

46X6073 3 Terabyte (TB) Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 5.25 Inch HH Internal Tape Drive | Made by IBM | Refurbished

3% Discount on Checkout
HP DW009-6920 36/72GB Tape Drive Tape Storage DDS-5 Internal

DW009-69201 HP 36/72GB DDS5 DAT72 Storageworks Internal SCSI Tape Drive. Refurbished.

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Dell F760M400/800GB Tape Drive Tape Storage LTO-3 Internal

F760M Dell 400/800GB Ultrium LTO-3 SCSI/LVD HH Internal Tape Drive. Refurbished.

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HP EH957SB Tape Drive LTO-5

EH957SB 3TB Storageworks Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 5 Ultrium 3000 Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Internal Tape Drive | Made by HP | Refurbished

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Dell  0DX128 800/1600GB Tape Drive Tape Storage LTO - 4 Loader

0DX128 Dell 800/1600GB Ultrium LTO-4 FC FH Tape Drive Module For PV TL4000 Library. Refurbished.

3% Discount on Checkout
HP BC023A 12TB/30TB Tape Drive

BC023A 12TB/30TB Storeever 300 Mbps Linear Tape-Open (LTO) -8 Ultrium 30750 Half Height (HH) 12tb Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) External Tape Drive | Made by HP...read more

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