Hard Drive - Ultra160 SCSI

Ultra160 SCSI types

The Ultra160 SCSI hard drive is the latest generation in its lineup. It has enhanced features to support higher performance and increased capacity. The new standard is fully backward compatible with the Ultra2 SCSI LVD standard that it is replacing.

Both the new and the previous standards are designed to provide the capacity and performance required by present-day data-intensive applications. The standards have proven interoperability technology that allows ease of integration with current hardware and firmware. Perhaps the most prominent feature is the ability to integrate without having to modify or change the existing operating systems which protects a user's investment in operating system software. The two standards help to eliminate I/O limited system performance through an increase in drive throughputs, improve drive buffer to host transfers and free up the bus for the accommodation of more devices.

The top of class features of the Ultra160 SCSI standard include:

  • Support for the new ultra160 SCSI protocol which in effect allows for doubling of interface speeds reaching up to 160 MB/sec burst data transfer speeds and support for more drives per cable. Doubling of speed is possible through the use of both edges of the request/acknowledge signal in clocking data.
  • The standard 68-pin SCSI connector.
  • Rotational speeds reaching 10,000 rpm in the top-performing range and 7,200 rpm for the value-oriented offering. Under the 10,000 rpm option, we have the 36GB-10K rpm HDD that allows extension of performing servers handling extensive transaction processing tasks and workstations handling large real-time video files. The 7,200 rpm range is value-oriented and we have the 180GB-7.2K rpm that is ideal for PC 300 and less demanding tasks.
  • The one-inch high slim profile.
  • 16 to 26 Mbps sustained transfer rate for the 7.2K rpm offering and 21 to 35 Mbps sustained data transfer rate for the 10K rpm offering.
  • Support for a non-hot swap on Netfinity servers, PC 300 desktop systems, and IntelliStation workstations.
  • The Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) helps warn about impending hard drive failure. Those drives that are compatible with the SMART reaction software support unattended backup of customer data before drive failure. By predicting failure within the warranty period, you will be eligible for replacement.

Having chosen the Ultra160 SCSI hard drive, you will benefit from reliability enhancements built into the standard. The addition of CRC provides extra data protection for external devices and marginal cable plants. The feature is most useful when hot-plugging to assure data protection through reduction of undetected error rates and by providing complete integrity of transferred data.

Yet another benefit of using Ultra160 SCSI HDD is the domain validation technology which aids in testing storage networks to find out that a network or system is working at the set specifications. The technology allows for the intelligent testing of backplanes, bridges, cables, expanders, terminators, and other equipment. Where issues are detected within the system/network, data transfer will continue uninterrupted albeit at lower speeds. Besides ensuring that data transfer is not affected, domain validation ensures end-user satisfaction and reduces service calls for performance issues, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership.

In line with the reputation of SCSI maintaining full backward compatibility and excellent forward compatibility, the Ultra160 SCSI hard drive will smoothly operate in legacy systems. The domain validation technology equally plays a critical role in the automatic smooth operation within legacy configurations. You must not change BIOS parameters, fumble with system manuals, or change controller settings. We assure all our customers that they will experience no challenges by migrating and implementing the Ultra160 SCSI standard. Any changes to be made are straightforward and easy to implement ensuring that there is no downtime and that you have peace of mind.

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