Solid State Drive - SAS-3GBPS

SAS-3GBPS types

SAS is one of two technologies used to transfer data from the motherboard to storage and vice versa. SAS is the short form of serial attached SCSI where SCSI stands for small computer systems interface, the former parallel technology. SAS technology is more expensive compared to SATA and is better suited for servers and heavy processing workstations. Additionally, solid-state drives (SSDs) make use of small chips to store data rather than a rotating platter common in hard disk drives.

SAS-3Gbps SSD drives offer the best storage options optimized for speed albeit with limited storage capacity. SAS has a build that incorporates 2 conductors for sending data, 2 conductors for receiving data, and ground cables to prevent interference. The SAS-3Gbps SSD is best suited for enterprise applications where processing-intensive work such as animation, visual effect creation, and video processing is the order of the day.

With the SAS 3Gbps SSD available in the 3.5-inch form factor, you have a solution specific to your application. It will provide all-round faster technology in transferring data in and out of storage. The server environment is heavily reliant on fast read/write speeds, and the solid-state drives are the hardware to provide faster speeds.

Fewer moving components make the SAS 3Gbps your ideal choice for efficient and faster performance, even in the mission-critical application and rigorous 24/7 environments. SSDs do not need to move a platter and align it to the correct position to read or write data. Choose your storage capacity wisely, keeping in mind that SAS technology is more focused on speed as opposed to storage capacity. We have the 149GB options for the SAS-3Gbps SSDs, which is significant storage capacity for your different applications. Using several hard drives for servers will help you achieve collective storage capacity, and desired read, write speeds.

Some notable advantages of going for the SAS 3Gbps SSD for your servers are:

  • Flexibility: SAS 3Gbps SSD offers greater flexibility for the physical and software compatibility with SATA drives and other SCSI software.
  • Performance: The performance levels of a SAS 3Gbps will comfortably reach 300MB/s throughput and help achieve full-duplex transmissions and advanced command queuing. SAS 3Gbps offers faster continuous reading and writing of data.
  • Power consumption: The fewer moving parts for the SAS 3Gbps SSD means that it is more power-efficient both in normal operating conditions and when idle. We have a year warranty on all SAS SSDs that provide you with peace of mind.
  • Reliability: Not only will SAS 3Gbps offer reliability but also availability through point-to-point connections, redundancy paths, and dual active port support. Besides, SAS hardware is comparatively more durable with a longer mean time before failure (MTBF) compared to SATA drives.
  • Scalability: You can have more connections with physical devices and external storage systems using long cables and small connectors.
We recommend the SAS 3Gbps SSD for your servers and interconnected systems based on its outstanding features that include multipath input/output (I/O) and RAID to protect against data loss.