Cisco WS-X6148-RJ-45 48 Ports Switch
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WS-X6148-RJ-45 Cisco Catalyst 48 Ports Switch Ethernet Refurbished

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Short Description:
WS-X6148-RJ-45 Catalyst 6500 48 Ports 10-100 Fast Switch Ethernet Module | Made by Cisco | Refurbished
Product Condition:
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

Product Overview for the Cisco WS-X6148-RJ-45 48 Ports Switch

In the realm of networking, where seamless connectivity is paramount, the Cisco Catalyst WS-X6148-RJ-45 Ethernet Switch Module stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. This module, designed by networking giant Cisco, boasts 48 ports, each equipped with RJ-45 connectors, making it a versatile solution for diverse networking needs. In this detailed exploration, we will delve into the key features, specifications, benefits, and potential applications of the WS-X6148-RJ-45, shedding light on why it is considered a go-to choice for businesses and organizations seeking a robust and scalable networking solution.

Understanding the WS-X6148-RJ-45 Module

Physical Overview

The WS-X6148-RJ-45 is an integral part of the Cisco Catalyst series, known for its high-performance networking equipment. This specific module is designed to fit seamlessly into Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switches, extending their capabilities by providing an additional 48 ports for Ethernet connectivity. The RJ-45 connectors, a common sight in networking setups, facilitate the connection of devices such as computers, printers, and other networking peripherals.

Key Features

  • 48 Ports for Enhanced Connectivity: The standout feature of the WS-X6148-RJ-45 module is its impressive 48 ports. This abundance of ports allows for the simultaneous connection of numerous devices, promoting efficient data transfer and communication within the network.
  • RJ-45 Connectors for Universal Compatibility: Equipped with RJ-45 connectors, this module ensures compatibility with a wide range of networking devices. The ubiquity of RJ-45 connectors makes the WS-X6148-RJ-45 a versatile solution for various networking environments.
  • Scalability for Growing Networks: As businesses expand and networks grow, scalability becomes a crucial factor. The WS-X6148-RJ-45 caters to this need by providing a scalable solution that can accommodate the increasing demand for network connectivity.
  • High Data Transfer Rates: With support for high data transfer rates, this module ensures that data flows seamlessly within the network. This is particularly important for bandwidth-intensive applications and activities such as video conferencing, large file transfers, and data backups.
  • Cisco Catalyst Series Integration: Designed specifically for integration with the Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switches, the WS-X6148-RJ-45 ensures a cohesive and harmonious networking environment when used in conjunction with other Cisco Catalyst components.

Technical Specifications

Performance Metrics
  • Data Transfer Speed: The WS-X6148-RJ-45 supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds, with each port capable of handling data at rates up to 1 Gbps. This high-speed capability is crucial for meeting the demands of modern network applications.
  • Forwarding Rate: With an impressive forwarding rate, this module ensures minimal latency in data transfer. The forwarding rate, often measured in packets per second (pps), is a key metric for assessing the efficiency of a networking device.
  • Switching Capacity: The switching capacity of the WS-X6148-RJ-45 is a reflection of its ability to handle and process data within the network. This module boasts a substantial switching capacity, making it well-suited for networks with high data traffic.
Physical Dimensions
  • Form Factor: The module follows a standard form factor compatible with Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switches. This ensures easy installation and integration into existing networking setups.
  • Dimensions: The physical dimensions of the WS-X6148-RJ-45 module are optimized for space efficiency while accommodating the 48 ports. These dimensions make it suitable for deployment in diverse networking environments.
  • Cisco Catalyst Series Compatibility: The WS-X6148-RJ-45 is specifically designed for seamless integration with the Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switches. This compatibility ensures a unified and cohesive networking infrastructure.
  • Protocol Support: The module supports a range of networking protocols, enhancing its compatibility with various networking standards. This ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into networks employing different protocols.
Management and Security
  • Remote Management Capabilities: Remote management is a crucial aspect of modern networking setups. The WS-X6148-RJ-45 supports remote management protocols, allowing administrators to monitor and configure the module from a central location.
  • Security Features: Security is paramount in networking, and the WS-X6148-RJ-45 incorporates robust security features to safeguard data and prevent unauthorized access. This includes support for features like VLANs and access control lists (ACLs).

Benefits of WS-X6148-RJ-45

  • Enhanced Connectivity: The primary advantage of the WS-X6148-RJ-45 lies in its ability to provide enhanced connectivity within a network. With 48 ports at its disposal, the module enables businesses to connect a multitude of devices, fostering seamless communication and data transfer.
  • Scalability for Growing Networks: As businesses evolve, so do their networking requirements. The WS-X6148-RJ-45 offers scalability, allowing organizations to expand their network infrastructure without the need for a complete overhaul. This scalability is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing growth or those with dynamic networking needs.
  • High Performance: Equipped with Gigabit Ethernet support, the WS-X6148-RJ-45 delivers high-performance networking. This is crucial for modern applications that demand significant bandwidth, such as video streaming, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and data-intensive processes.
  • Compatibility with Cisco Catalyst Series: The module's seamless integration with the Cisco Catalyst 6000 series ensures compatibility with other components of the Catalyst series. This interoperability is advantageous for organizations already invested in Cisco networking equipment, providing a streamlined and cohesive networking environment.
  • Remote Management and Security: The WS-X6148-RJ-45 prioritizes ease of management and security. Remote management capabilities enable administrators to monitor and configure the module from a central location, reducing the need for physical access. Additionally, robust security features contribute to safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of the network.

Applications and Use Cases

  • Enterprise Networks: In large enterprise networks where a multitude of devices need to be interconnected, the WS-X6148-RJ-45 finds its ideal application. The 48 ports cater to the extensive connectivity requirements of large organizations, ensuring smooth communication and data transfer.
  • Data Centers: Data centers, with their high-density networking setups, benefit from the WS-X6148-RJ-45's scalability and high-performance capabilities. The module's ability to handle Gigabit Ethernet speeds makes it well-suited for the data-intensive operations commonly found in data center environments.
  • Educational Institutions: Educational institutions often require robust networking solutions to support a myriad of devices, from computers to interactive whiteboards. The WS-X6148-RJ-45, with its numerous ports and scalability, proves to be a valuable asset in creating a reliable and efficient network infrastructure for schools and universities.
  • Telecommunication Networks: Telecommunication networks, dealing with a vast array of communication services, rely on modules like the WS-X6148-RJ-45 to ensure seamless connectivity. The high data transfer rates and compatibility with diverse networking protocols make it a suitable choice for telecommunication infrastructure.
High-Reliability of Catalyst 6500 module

The WS-X6148-RJ-45 Cisco Catalyst 48 Ports Ethernet Module is a high-reliability network switch module for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 6800 Series chassis. It provides 48 ports of Ethernet connectivity, allowing for the connection of multiple devices to the network.

High reliability refers to the ability of the module to function properly and consistently in different conditions, even under heavy loads. This model has several features that contribute to its high reliability:

  • Redundancy: The module can work in conjunction with another module to provide redundancy, this means that in case of failure of one module, the other module will take over to ensure no interruption in the network.
  • Hot-swappable: The module can be replaced without shutting down the switch, allowing for minimal downtime.
  • Quality of service (QoS): The module can prioritize traffic and ensure that important data is transmitted quickly and reliably.
  • Traffic management: The module can manage and control traffic, which helps to prevent congestion and ensure that the network functions smoothly.

These features help to ensure that the module can continue operating reliably and consistently, even under heavy loads and in the event of a module failure, which can help to reduce downtime and maintain high levels of network availability.

General Information about this Cisco WS-X6148-RJ-45

  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Part Number or SKU# WS-X6148-RJ-45
  • Product Type: Ethernet Switch
  • Product Name: Catalyst 6500 48-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch Module

Technical Specifications - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch

  • Application/Usage: Switching Network


  • 48 x 10/100Base-TX LAN
  • Interfaces/Ports Details: 48 x RJ-45 Female 10/100Base-TX LAN


  • Connectivity Media:
    • Category 5 UTP
    • Category 5e UTP
    • Category 6 UTP
    • 100 ohm STP
  • Distance Supported:
    • 328 ft Category 5 UTP Full-duplex
    • 328 ft Category 5e UTP Full-duplex
    • 328 ft Category 6 UTP Full-duplex
    • 328 ft 100 ohm STP Full-duplex
  • Data Transfer Rate:
    • 10 Mbps Ethernet Half/Full-duplex @ 328 ft
    • 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Half/Full-duplex @ 328 ft

Management & Protocols

  • Management:
    • ETHERLIKE-MIB (RFC 1643)
    • IF-MIB (RFC 1573)
    • Bridge MIB (RFC 1493)
    • RMON MIB (RFC 1757)
    • CISCO-STP-Extensions-MIB
    • CISCO-VLAN-Bridge-MIB
    • CISCO-VLAN-Membership-MIB
    • ENTITY-MIB (RFC 2037)
    • HC-RMON
    • RFC1213-MIB (MIB-II)
    • SMON-MIB


  • Memory: 128 KB Buffer Memory Per Port Installed


  • Status Indicators:
    • Status: Link good
  • Additional Information:
    • Forwarding architecture: Use centralized CEF forwarding
    • Distributed forwarding upgrade: None; Classic interface modules cannot be upgraded for distributed forwarding
    • Primary Applications: Base Wiring Closet
    • Interface Module Class: Classic
    • Backplane Connection: Bus
    • Queues per Port (Tx = Transmit, Rx = Receive): Tx-2q2t, Rx-1q4t
    • Voice-capable modules upgradable to Cisco Inline Power or 802.3af
  • Performance/Forwarding Rate (Mpps):
    • 32 Gbps; 15 Mpps per system
  • Forwarding Engine Architecture:
    • The supervisor engine CPU makes a forwarding decision
  • DFC Upgrade Requirements:
    • Not supported
  • Fabric Connections:
    • 32 Gbps shared bus connection (on Supervisor Engine1A, Supervisor Engine 2, and Supervisor Engine 720)
  • Scheduler:
    • Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
  • Inline Power:
    • Yes
  • Port Density/Chassis Model:
    • 576 ports (Cisco Catalyst 6513)
    • 384 ports (Cisco Catalyst 6509)
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series
Supervisor Engine Supported
  • Supervisor Engine 1A
  • Supervisor Engine 2
  • Supervisor Engine 720

In short, the Cisco Catalyst WS-X6148-RJ-45 Ethernet Switch Module stands as a powerful and versatile solution for networking requirements. With its 48 ports, RJ-45 connectors, and support for Gigabit Ethernet speeds, it addresses the connectivity needs of diverse environments, from large enterprises to data centers and educational institutions. The module's scalability, seamless integration with the Cisco Catalyst series, and robust security features make it a go-to choice for organizations seeking a reliable and high-performance networking solution.

As technology continues to advance, the WS-X6148-RJ-45 exemplifies Cisco's commitment to providing cutting-edge networking equipment that not only meets current demands but also anticipates the evolving needs of modern businesses and organizations. Whether facilitating communication in a bustling enterprise or supporting data-intensive operations in a data center, the WS-X6148-RJ-45 proves to be an indispensable component in building resilient and efficient networks.

Product Condition:
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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