Jabra 7899-829-209 Stereo Headset
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Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset Brand New

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7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 3.5 mm Jack | Made By Jabra | Brand New
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Full Manufacturer Warranty
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New Factory Sealed
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Jabra EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset with DSP and 3.5 mm Jack

In today's fast-paced world, communication is essential, whether it's for business or personal use. Clear and efficient communication can make a significant difference in our daily lives. Jabra, a well-known brand in the audio industry, offers a solution that can enhance your communication experience – the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a 3.5 mm Jack. This headset is designed to provide exceptional audio quality, comfort, and versatility for a wide range of applications, making it an excellent choice for both professionals and casual users. In this detailed review, we will explore the features, benefits, and potential applications of the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset, helping you make an informed decision.

The Jabra 7899-829-209 Stereo Headset

The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is a premium audio solution designed to cater to various communication needs. Whether you are working in an office, participating in virtual meetings, or enjoying your favorite music, this headset offers a versatile and high-quality audio experience.

Key features of the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset include:

  • High-quality stereo sound.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for enhanced audio clarity.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for an immersive listening experience.
  • Comfortable over-ear design for extended wear.
  • An integrated microphone for clear voice transmission.
  • Compatibility with a 3.5 mm audio jack for broad device support.

This headset is part of Jabra's EVOLVE series, which is well-regarded for its audio quality and focus on productivity. It's suitable for a wide range of users, from professionals who need crystal-clear communication during meetings to individuals who want an enjoyable audio experience while listening to music or watching videos.

The Role of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a crucial technology integrated into the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset. DSP plays a pivotal role in enhancing audio quality and providing a better listening experience.

Here's how DSP works and what it brings to the table:

  • Noise Cancellation: DSP helps in reducing background noise, ensuring that you hear clear and crisp audio even in noisy environments. This is particularly valuable in professional settings, where attending meetings without distractions is essential.
  • Echo Cancellation: When you're on a call or in a video conference, echo can be quite bothersome. DSP effectively cancels out echoes, so the person you're communicating with hears your voice without any annoying reverberations.
  • Audio Equalization: DSP allows for audio equalization, which means that you can fine-tune the sound to your liking. Whether you prefer a bass-heavy sound for music or a more balanced profile for professional calls, DSP can help you achieve the ideal audio setup.
  • Voice Enhancement: DSP can enhance the clarity of your voice when you're using the integrated microphone. This is crucial for ensuring that your communication is clear and easily understandable to the person on the other end of the call.

Overall, DSP technology is a significant component of the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset, and it contributes to the overall audio quality and communication performance of the device.

The Versatility of a 3.5 mm Jack

The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack, and this feature adds a considerable degree of versatility to the headset. Let's explore the benefits of having a 3.5 mm jack in your audio equipment.

  • Universal Compatibility: One of the standout advantages of a 3.5 mm jack is its universal compatibility. This standard audio connection is found on a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more. With the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset's 3.5 mm jack, you can use the headset with virtually any device that has an audio output.
  • No Need for Adapters: Unlike some other headsets that require adapters or additional cables to connect to various devices, the 3.5 mm jack eliminates this need. This simplifies the setup process and reduces the clutter of extra accessories.
  • Quick Switching: The 3.5 mm jack allows for quick and easy switching between devices. If you're listening to music on your smartphone and need to join a video call on your laptop, you can simply unplug the headset from one device and plug it into the other without any hassle.
  • Backup Option: Having a 3.5 mm jack can be a lifesaver in situations where the primary connection method, such as USB or Bluetooth, is not available or encounters issues. It serves as a reliable backup option, ensuring you can stay connected and enjoy your audio even when facing technical challenges.

In summary, the 3.5 mm jack on the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset offers versatility and ease of use, making it a practical choice for users who have multiple audio-enabled devices.

Exceptional Audio Quality

One of the most critical aspects of any audio headset is the quality of sound it delivers. The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is designed to provide exceptional audio quality, ensuring that every sound you hear is clear, crisp, and immersive.

Here's how this headset achieves exceptional audio quality:

  • High-Resolution Audio: The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset supports high-resolution audio, which means you can enjoy a broader range of frequencies and more details in your audio. This is particularly noticeable when listening to music, where you can hear subtle nuances in the sound that may be missed with lower-quality headsets.
  • Stereo Sound: With stereo sound, you get a realistic and immersive audio experience. Whether you're watching a movie, playing a video game, or simply enjoying your favorite music, stereo sound ensures that you can discern different elements and directions of sound accurately.
  • Balanced Sound Profile: The headset offers a balanced sound profile, making it suitable for various purposes. Whether you need clear and crisp voices during a conference call or powerful bass during your music sessions, this headset delivers.
  • Wide Frequency Response: The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset has a wide frequency response range, ensuring that it can reproduce both low and high-frequency sounds accurately. This results in a richer and more immersive listening experience.
  • Noise Isolation: In addition to digital signal processing (DSP), this headset also features passive noise isolation, which blocks out external noise. This is particularly beneficial when you're in a noisy environment, ensuring that you can concentrate on your work or conversation without distractions.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is not only about sound quality; it's also designed with user comfort and ergonomics in mind. Long hours of use can be a challenge if your headset isn't comfortable, but this model offers a range of features to address this issue.

Key comfort and ergonomic features of the headset include:

  • Over-Ear Design: The over-ear design of the ear cups provides a comfortable fit and helps in passive noise isolation. The soft cushions ensure that the headset sits snugly on your ears without causing discomfort.
  • Adjustable Headband: The headband is adjustable to fit various head sizes, and it's padded for extra comfort. This ensures that you can wear the headset for extended periods without feeling any pressure on your head.
  • Rotatable Ear Cups: The ear cups can be rotated, allowing you to wear the headset comfortably around your neck when not in use. This feature adds to the convenience, especially during breaks between meetings or when listening to music on the go.
  • Intuitive Controls: The on-ear controls are easy to access and use, making it simple to adjust volume, answer calls, or pause/play music without fumbling with buttons or cables.
  • Durability: The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand daily wear and tear. This ensures that your investment in the headset will provide long-lasting comfort and audio quality.
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a technology that has become increasingly important in headsets and headphones, especially for those who need to focus in noisy environments or simply want to immerse themselves in their audio. The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset includes ANC as a notable feature.

Here's how ANC works and what it brings to the table:

  • External Noise Reduction: ANC uses microphones to detect external sounds, such as background chatter or the hum of an airplane engine. It then generates sound waves that are the exact opposite (anti-phase) of these external noises, effectively canceling them out. This results in a quieter and more focused listening experience.
  • Enhanced Concentration: ANC is particularly valuable for professionals working in open-plan offices or busy home environments. By reducing external noise, it allows you to concentrate better on your work, conversations, or tasks.
  • Improved Audio Quality: With ANC, you can lower the volume of your audio source because you don't need to compensate for external noise. This, in turn, can lead to improved audio quality and reduced ear fatigue during long calls or listening sessions.
  • Travel-Ready: ANC is also highly beneficial for travelers. It can significantly reduce the drone of airplane engines, making long flights more comfortable and restful. You can also enjoy your music or movies without needing to turn up the volume to drown out the cabin noise.
  • Customizable ANC Levels: Some headsets, including the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset, allow you to customize the level of ANC to suit your preferences. This means you can choose to have a more natural sound with some external noise or opt for complete isolation, depending on your needs.

The inclusion of ANC in this headset makes it a versatile choice for users who value peace and concentration in noisy environments.

Integrated Microphone

The integrated microphone in the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is a crucial feature for those who use the headset for communication, such as phone calls, video conferences, or online gaming. The microphone is designed to ensure that your voice is transmitted clearly and intelligibly.

Here's how the integrated microphone benefits users:

  • Noise-Canceling Microphone: Just as the headset features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for incoming sound, the integrated microphone is also equipped with noise-canceling technology. This helps eliminate background noise, ensuring that your voice stands out during calls or conversations.
  • Voice Optimization: The microphone's design and placement are optimized for capturing your voice accurately. This ensures that the person on the other end of the call hears you loud and clear without distortion.
  • Flexibility: The microphone is often adjustable, allowing you to position it close to your mouth for the best voice pickup. It can be conveniently moved out of the way when not in use.
  • Mute Function: Many headsets, including the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset, have a built-in mute function on the microphone or control unit. This is handy for muting your voice during calls or meetings when you don't want to be heard.
  • Full-Duplex Communication: The headset supports full-duplex communication, which means that you can speak and listen simultaneously. This is essential for natural and efficient conversations during video conferences or phone calls.

The integrated microphone in the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset contributes to the overall communication quality and ensures that your voice is accurately and intelligibly transmitted to others.

Application Scenarios

The Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset is a versatile audio solution that can be used in various application scenarios. Let's explore some of the most common scenarios where this headset excels:

  • Professional Meetings and Calls: The Jabra EVOLVE 80 is an excellent choice for professionals who participate in virtual meetings, video conferences, or phone calls regularly. The integrated microphone, noise-canceling features, and high-quality audio ensure that your communication is clear and efficient. The comfortable design allows for extended wear during work hours.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: Whether you're enjoying your favorite music, watching movies, or engaging in online gaming, the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset provides an immersive audio experience. The stereo sound, ANC, and high-resolution audio support make it a great choice for entertainment enthusiasts.
  • Travel: The ANC feature is particularly useful for travelers who want to reduce the noise of airplane engines, trains, or crowded public spaces. The comfortable design and the 3.5 mm jack for universal device compatibility make it a versatile travel companion.
  • Focus and Productivity: In open-plan offices or noisy home environments, the Jabra headset can help you maintain focus and productivity. The combination of ANC and noise isolation ensures that you can work without distractions.
  • Education: Students and educators can benefit from this headset during online classes and remote learning. The clear audio and microphone quality enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students.
  • Relaxation: When you need to unwind and relax, the Jabra headset allows you to immerse yourself in music, podcasts, or meditation sessions.

General Information about this Jabra 7899-829-209

  • Manufacturer: Jabra
  • Part Number or SKU# 7899-829-209
  • Product Type: Corded Headset
Key Features of Corded Headset
  • Headphone Form Factor: Ear-cup
  • Target Use: Computer
  • Target Use: Portable electronics
  • Weight Taxonomy: 11.43oz
  • Response Bandwidth: 20 - 20000Hz
  • Battery Type: Headset battery
  • Networking Protocol: Yes

In summary, the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 3.5 mm Jack Headset is a feature-rich and versatile audio accessory suitable for a wide range of applications. Its combination of DSP technology, active noise cancellation, UC compatibility, and comfortable design makes it a compelling choice for professionals, travelers, gamers, and entertainment enthusiasts.

While it may have a higher price point compared to budget options, the Jabra EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo Headset justifies its cost with its superior audio quality and various practical features. The wired 3.5 mm jack connectivity offers versatility, and the headset's compatibility with UC platforms ensures a seamless communication experience in professional settings.

Ultimately, your choice of headset should align with your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize audio quality, noise cancellation, UC compatibility, or portability, the Jabra 7899-829-209 EVOLVE 80 UC Stereo DSP 3.5 mm Jack Headset offers a well-rounded package to meet these requirements.

Brand Warranty:
Full Manufacturer Warranty
Product Condition:
New Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days


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