Power Supply - PDU

A power distribution unit (PDU), as the name suggests, is rack-mount equipment with multiple power outputs for supplying power to other devices. It is commonly used in data centers for distributing electrical power to servers and other system equipment. PDUs offer the first line of power protection to any device connected to them. As a result, it has improved the reliability of data centers.

What are Different PDU Form Factors

You have many options when it comes to the physical size of a PDU for the system. So, what are these form factors?

Rack-Mount PDU

Many of the PDU power supplies used in the data centers are 1U form factors. These PDUs can improve the power quality and perform load balancing. Others can be remotely controlled through a local area network. We also have newer generations of these PDU power supplies that allow the interconnection of many of them to form an array.

Cabinet PDU

Cabinet PDUs are common in large data centers and large organizations because of the large number of servers that need to be powered. The input power to a cabinet PDU is usually a 3-phase and then feeds a single-phase power to the connected devices. Cabinet PDUs can work with many devices, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

Portable PDU

These are commonly used at home or in the office. Instead of using unreliable extension cords, you can upgrade to a PDU for powering your desktops, laptops, and other electronics.

Reliable Solution to Electrical Power Distribution

The modern PDUs are not the simple ones that are constructed of limited receptacles. Today, a PDU power supply does more than just transform raw power from the utility line to feed server, switches, storage systems, and any other equipment. There are intelligent PDUs with a wide range of features and capabilities.

Avoid Downtime with a Metered PDU

The advancement in technology has made it possible to see the current load value on your system. You can then take necessary measures to avoid overloads on PDUs, thereby improving the reliability of your system. You can connect or disconnect loads as needed. A metered PDU also helps to keep your energy consumption in check.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Monitored PDUs allow you to monitor a data center remotely. This saves you time and keeps you updated with the loading conditions of your system. If necessary, you can remotely switch on or off some sections to save power or general maintenance.

Automatic Load Configuration

Switched PDUs can be automatically configured to turn off non-vital components of your system when running on backup power, leaving only mission-critical systems. It uses a network protocol to remotely communicate to the controller. You don't have to be in the server room to send commands to these intelligent PDU power supplies.

Buy a PDU Power Supply to Improve System Reliability

ALLHDD is a reputable supplier of PDUs power supplies, servers, and storage drives. Feel free to contact us about our products or if you have any inquiries. We have a team to assist you and guarantee happy shopping.

HP 228481-007 40A High Voltage PDU

228481-007 40A High Voltage Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for Server | Made by HP | Refurbished

HP 417587-D71 40A Power Supply

417587-D71 40A High Voltage Power Distribution Unit (PDU) | Made by HP | Refurbished

HP 572202-001 40A Power Supply PDU

572202-001 HP 40A Power Distribution Unit Module | Refurbished

Cisco RP208-30-1P-U-1 RP 6-Outlets PDU

RP208-30-1P-U-1 6-Outlets 2 x IEC 60320 C13, 4 x IEC 60320 C19 1U Rack-Mountable Power Distribution Unit (PDU) | Made by Cisco | Refurbished