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The stability of the mains power supply is desirable in many applications, including data centers and telecommunications. Any fluctuations can adversely affect the performance of devices and equipment used in these areas. Unfortunately, you cannot expect to always have a stable power supply to your premise. Even if it is a DC source, you can always expect variations. That is why we have power interface units.

High Efficiency of About 93%

Cisco Nexus power interface unit has high efficiency of about 91%. This shows how the input power is converted to useful output power while minimizing losses. With such an efficient PIU, you can expect low thermal heating within the unit. As a result, cooling also becomes more efficient, giving you fewer worries about utility bills.

Real-Time Power Monitoring

Each power interface unit provides information about power consumption. In other words, they act as energy meters to help you keep track of power usage within the system. This capability is ideal if you want to control the electrical units you use over a given period.

Hot-Swappable Operations

A power interface module makes it possible to hot-swap the power supply unit without causing service interruptions. That is necessary for mission-critical applications that require constant uptime. Sometimes you don't want your system to fail, as that can result in immeasurable losses.

Intelligent Monitoring

Cisco's power interface module has temperature sensors as instrumentation tools. The internal temperature is constantly monitored, and the entire power system is switched off if it exceeds the tolerance level. That is necessary to prevent severe damages to the internal components of the power supply.

Fault Detection and Mixed Operation

Faults are rare to occur in such a complex device, but you cannot eliminate them. They can take the form of a short circuit or hardware failure. When a fault is detected, the unit is shut down. The mixed operation of power interface units makes it possible to work with both AC and DC powers and facilitates AC to DC power conversion.

Buy a Power Interface Unit with Warranty

You can buy either a new DC PIU or a refurbished DC power interface unit at ALLHDD. This is a world-leading supplier of computer hardware, including PIUs. We are here to help you get high-quality and reliable products that come with a manufacturer's warranty. ALLHDD also has a 30-day warranty during which you can return the product for a replacement if there are defects. Contact us to learn more about our shipping terms.

Cisco N7K-DC-PIU Power Interface Unit

N7K-DC-PIU Backplane Direct Current (DC) Power Supply for Nexus 7000 Series Interface Unit | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

Cisco N7K-DC-PIU DC Power Supply

N7K-DC-PIU Backplane Direct Current (DC) Power Interface Unit for Nexus 7000 and 7000 M1-Series | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed | Lead Time Required

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