ST5000DM000 Seagate 5TB Hard Disk Drive
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ST5000DM000 Seagate 5TB 5.9K RPM Hard Drive SATA 6GBPS New

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Short Description:
ST5000DM000 Desktop 5 Terabytes (TB) 5900 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) 6 Gigabits Per Second (GBPS) 128 Megabytes (MB) Buffer 3.5Inch Internal Hard Disk Drive | Made by Seagate | Brand New 3 Years Warrantyk
Brand Warranty:
3 Years Warranty
Product Condition:
New Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days
Product Overview of the Seagate ST5000DM000 SATA 6GBPS Hard Drive

The Seagate ST5000DM000 is a 3.5-inch internal hard disk drive designed for desktop computers. With a storage capacity of 5 terabytes (TB), a rotational speed of 5900 revolutions per minute (RPM), a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface with 6 gigabits per second (GBPS) data transfer rate, and a generous 128 megabytes (MB) buffer, it's an impressive storage solution for users seeking reliable and high-capacity storage for their desktop systems. This internal hard disk drive offers a spacious 5 terabytes (TB) of storage, operates at 5900 revolutions per minute (RPM), and utilizes Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) with a speed of 6 gigabits per second (GBPS).

Key Features of the Seagate ST5000DM000
  • Vast Storage Capacity (5TB) The Seagate ST5000DM000 boasts an enormous 5 terabytes of storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for individuals and professionals who require ample storage for their data, applications, and multimedia files. Whether you need to store large video files, high-resolution images, or extensive data libraries, this hard drive can accommodate your needs without the worry of running out of space.
  • Efficient Rotational Speed (5900 RPM) The 5900 RPM rotational speed ensures that the Seagate ST5000DM000 offers a balance between performance and energy efficiency. While it may not match the speed of 7200 RPM drives, the 5900 RPM is more energy-efficient, which can lead to lower heat generation and a longer lifespan for the drive.
  • SATA Interface (6GBPS) The drive utilizes a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment-SATA interface with a 6 gigabits per second (GBPS) data transfer rate. This interface is commonly found in modern desktop computers and provides a high-speed connection between the hard drive and the motherboard. The 6GBPS speed ensures that data can be read from and written to the drive quickly, reducing loading times for applications and improving overall system responsiveness.
  • Generous 128MB Buffer The Seagate ST5000DM000 is equipped with a substantial 128MB buffer, also known as cache memory. The buffer serves as a temporary data storage area, allowing the drive to optimize data access and transfer speeds. This large buffer can improve the drive's ability to handle multitasking, such as running multiple applications simultaneously or handling large file transfers.
  • 3.5-Inch Form Factor The drive features a standard 3.5-inch form factor, which is compatible with most desktop computer cases and drive bays. This ensures easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of systems, making it a versatile choice for desktop users.
Benefits of Using the Seagate ST5000DM000

Now that we've covered the key features of the Seagate ST5000DM000, let's explore the benefits that this internal hard disk drive offers to users.

  • Ample Storage Space The most significant advantage of the Seagate ST5000DM000 is its vast storage capacity. With 5TB at your disposal, you can store a wide range of digital content, including documents, photos, videos, and games. This is particularly beneficial for users who work with large files, such as video editors, content creators, and data professionals.
  • Enhanced Performance The 5900 RPM rotational speed, although slightly lower than 7200 RPM drives, strikes a balance between performance and energy efficiency. This means you can expect solid read and write speeds, ensuring smooth operation for everyday computing tasks. The drive is well-suited for storing and accessing frequently used data, making it an excellent choice for both personal and professional use.
  • Quick Data Transfers The SATA 6GBPS interface is designed to provide a fast and reliable connection between the hard drive and the motherboard. This results in quick data transfers, whether you're copying large files or installing applications. Faster data access can significantly improve your computer's overall responsiveness.
  • Smooth Multitasking The generous 128MB buffer is a boon for multitaskers. It helps the drive manage multiple data requests more efficiently, reducing the chances of slowdowns or delays when using resource-intensive applications. This buffer ensures that your system can smoothly handle tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, or running virtual machines.
  • Broad Compatibility The 3.5-inch form factor of the Seagate ST5000DM000 ensures compatibility with a wide range of desktop computer cases and drive bays. Whether you're upgrading an existing system or building a new one, you can easily incorporate this hard drive without any compatibility issues.
Reliability Features
  • Seagate's BarraCuda Series: The BarraCuda series is known for its reliability and high-performance features. Seagate has a long-standing reputation for producing durable hard drives.
  • Data Integrity: The drive is designed to maintain data integrity and minimize data loss. It includes features such as error recovery control and power-on hours to ensure your data remains safe.
  • Quiet Operation: The Seagate ST5000DM000 is engineered for quiet operation, ensuring that it doesn't produce excessive noise during regular use. This is especially important in home and office environments where noise can be a concern.
  • Longevity: With proper care and usage, this drive is built to last for many years, making it a cost-effective storage solution.
Performance Features
  • SATA Interface: The use of the SATA 6GBPS interface allows for rapid data transfer speeds. This is particularly important for tasks that require frequent data access, such as gaming and media streaming.
  • Cache Buffer: The generous 128MB cache buffer enhances performance by providing quick access to frequently used data. This results in faster data read and write speeds.
  • Suitable RPM: While the drive operates at 5900 RPM, it still delivers decent performance for everyday computing tasks. It may not be the fastest RPM available, but it offers a balance between speed and power efficiency.
Balancing Performance and Efficiency

The Seagate ST5000DM000 operates at 5900 revolutions per minute (RPM). The rotational speed of an HDD is a critical factor that influences its performance. Higher RPM drives, such as 7200 RPM models, tend to offer faster data transfer speeds but may consume more power and generate more heat.

The 5900 RPM speed of the Seagate ST5000DM000 strikes a balance between performance and power efficiency. It is sufficient for most everyday computing tasks and file storage needs. While it may not match the speed of 7200 RPM drives, it is more energy-efficient, resulting in lower power consumption and heat generation. This can be particularly advantageous for desktop systems that aim to maintain a cooler and quieter operating environment.

The choice of rotational speed should align with your specific use case. If you need maximum speed for tasks like video editing or gaming, a 7200 RPM drive might be more suitable. However, for general storage and backup purposes, the 5900 RPM speed of the Seagate ST5000DM000 is more than adequate.

SATA 6GBPS for Reliable Connectivity

The Seagate ST5000DM000 employs the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface, specifically the SATA 6 gigabits per second (GBPS) version. SATA is a widely used and standardized interface for connecting storage devices to a computer. The SATA 6GBPS interface is an evolution of previous SATA standards, offering faster data transfer speeds and improved performance.

The use of SATA 6GBPS ensures reliable connectivity and compatibility with most modern desktop computers. It is backward compatible with older SATA versions, allowing you to use this drive with systems that have SATA II or SATA III ports. When connected to a SATA 6GBPS port on a compatible motherboard, you can take full advantage of the drive's potential for high-speed data transfer.

This SATA interface also allows for hot-swapping, meaning you can connect or disconnect the drive while the computer is running, without the need to shut down the system. This can be a convenient feature for users who frequently work with multiple drives or need to replace or upgrade their storage.

Enhancing Data Access Speeds

The Seagate ST5000DM000 is equipped with a 128-megabyte (MB) cache buffer. The cache buffer is a small but crucial piece of memory within the drive that stores frequently accessed data. When you request data from the drive, it first checks the cache buffer. If the data is found in the buffer, it can be read much more quickly than if it had to be retrieved from the platters, resulting in improved read performance.

A larger cache buffer, such as the 128MB in this drive, is advantageous when dealing with large files or performing tasks that involve frequent data access. It allows for smoother and faster data retrieval, making the drive more responsive. While the cache buffer won't impact the speed of transferring large sequential files (e.g., copying movies or backup files), it can significantly enhance the performance of tasks that involve random access to data, like running software applications and loading games.


The performance of a hard disk drive is influenced by several factors, including the rotational speed, interface, and cache buffer. Let's take a closer look at how these elements come together in the Seagate ST5000DM000 to affect its speed and overall performance.

  • Sequential Read and Write Speeds: The sequential read and write speeds of an HDD are crucial for tasks that involve transferring large files, such as copying movies, backing up data, or moving large game installations. While the Seagate ST5000DM000 operates at 5900 RPM, it benefits from the SATA 6GBPS interface, which offers higher data transfer rates compared to older SATA standards. As a result, you can expect respectable sequential read and write speeds, making it suitable for media storage and data backup.
  • Random Access Speeds: When it comes to tasks that require rapid access to various files or applications, the 128MB cache buffer in the Seagate ST5000DM000 plays a vital role. This cache buffer helps to enhance random access speeds, ensuring that your system can access data quickly, even when the data is scattered across the drive. This is particularly important for activities like running software, launching applications, and gaming, where responsiveness and speed are essential.
Main Specifications about this Seagate ST5000DM000
  • Manufacturer: Seagate
  • Part Number or SKU# ST5000DM000
  • Storage Capacity: 5TB
  • Product Type: Hard Disk Drive
Technical Information for 5TB Hard Disk
  • Interface: SATA 6GBPS
  • Number of Disks: 4
  • Bytes Per Sector: 4096
  • Drive Dimensions: 3.5 Inch
Performance of SATA 6GBPS Hard Drive
  • Rotational Speed: 5900 RPM
  • Buffer: 128 MB
  • Internal Data Transfer Rate (Maximum): 1813 MBPS
  • Average Data Rate, Read/Write: 146 MBPS
  • Maximum Sustained Data Rate, Od Read: 180 MBPS
  • I/O Data-Transfer Rate (Max): 600 MBPS
  • Average Latency: 5.10 MS

In summary, the Seagate ST5000DM000 Desktop 5TB hard drive is a high-capacity, reliable, and versatile storage solution for a wide range of users and applications. With its massive storage capacity, SATA 6GBPS interface, 128MB cache buffer, and 3.5-inch form factor, it is well-suited for multimedia storage, professional workloads, gaming, backups, and media server applications.

Seagate's commitment to reliability and performance is evident in the features and specifications of this drive. It is designed to offer quiet operation, data integrity, and longevity. The SATA interface and cache buffer enhance its performance, ensuring that it meets the storage needs of users in various scenarios.

Brand Warranty:
3 Years Warranty
Product Condition:
New Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days


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