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When shopping for processors, you also need to think about the heat sink. Just fanning alone without an effective heat sink with high fin density for heat dissipation is not enough to cool most of the servers and data center infrastructure. Thermal management is very crucial if you want to get the best out of your processors. Optimal temperature conditions make them work at their full potential. But without an appropriate type of heat sink, high temperature becomes the bottleneck to that high performance.

What Type of Heat Sink Are You Looking For?

Heat sinks are designed differently using different materials, depending on the targeted environment. A universal property for all of them is the increased surface area for proper airflow. As air moves over the extruded heat sinks, a heat gradient is created, making the thermal heat flow from the fins to the surrounding air. A fan may be included together with a heat sink to aid in proper airflow.

The type of heat sink you need depends on your system and should have a high thermal conductivity to effectively cool the processors and GPUs. Different heat sinks are designed for servers. For example, ALLHDD stocks heat sinks for System X, ProLiant, WorkStation, PowerEdge, Think Center, Blade Center, and Precision. The heat sinks are designed to fit in the chassis of these systems while still leaving enough room for airflow.

Heat Sink with High Fin Density

Most of the heat sinks for Dell PowerEdge have many fins needed in improving thermal performance. The dense fins are the functional unit in heat sink cooling. Air flows over them, carrying away any accumulated heat, resulting in thermal cooling.

High-End Processors Heat Sinks

Most of the best-performing processors out there are the ones that generate more heat. This heat should be removed from the system through copper heat sinks before it roasts the processor and all other electronic components on the circuit board. Heat sinks for Hp ProLiant DL360P fall in this category.

Heat Sink Fan Assembly

There are situations where adding fans to the heat sink makes it more thermally efficient. That is the design we see in the heat sink for Think Center M81 and Precision T5610, where fans force convection current in the chassis, carrying away any heat on the heat sink.

Heat Sink Liquid Assembly

This kind of heat sink assembly is popular with copper heat sinks where the liquid is used for cooling instead of air. Liquid cooling the Z820 workstation works with the same principle as a car radiator. The heat pipes carry the cooling liquid, which absorbs heat from the fins as it flows throughout the system.

Buy a heat sink for any server or IT equipment that you have from ALLHDD. We have a collection of heat sinks with high thermal efficiency, ready to deliver to your business premise.

IBM 00D6316 Accessories Heatsink Blade Center

00D6316 IBM Heatsink Rear Microprocessor For Flex System X440 | Refurbished

Lenovo 00KA517 Heatsink Accessories Heatsink System X

00KA517 Lenovo 95W Heatsink For System X3650 M5 | Refurbished

Lenovo 00KC718 Heatsink for system X 3650 M5 Accessories

00KC718 Lenovo aluminum latch type Heatsink for system X 3650 M5 | Refurbished

Lenovo 00KC718 Heatsink for system X 3650 M5 Accessories
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00KC718 Lenovo aluminum latch type Heatsink for system X3650 M5 | New Bulk Pack

IBM 00KC912 System X3550 M5 Accessories Heatsink

00KC912 IBM Screw Down Aluminum Heatsink For System X3550 M5. Refurbished.

Lenovo 03T9512 W95 Accessories Heatsink Thinkcentre

03T9512 Lenovo SFF 95W Heatsink Fan Assembly For Thinkcentre M81 | Refurbished

Dell 0F8NV Poweredge Accessories Heatsink

0F8NV Dell 1U Heatsink For Poweredge R740/R740XD. New Bulk Pack.

Dell 0F8NV Poweredge Accessories Heatsink

0F8NV Dell 1U Heatsink For Poweredge R740/R740XD. Refurbished.

Dell 1CW2J Poweredge Accessories Heatsink

1CW2J Dell Standard CPU2 Heatsink For Poweredge R440 R540 | Refurbished

Dell 1TD00 Precision Accessories Heatsink

1TD00 Heatsink Fan Assembly for Precision T7600 Accessories Server | Made by Dell | Refurbished