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Are you considering upgrading your server processors to enhance your data center's storage capacity and performance? Maybe you need to increase your server's power supplies to support additional devices? If this is your situation, you surely need a suitable backplane board for your data center.

A backplane board is simply a printed circuit board with special sockets or slots that allow for the connection of your server's backplane systems or devices. So, you will conveniently attach:

  • Hot-swappable Hard Drive
  • Disk controller
  • Multiple connectors
  • Memory cards
  • Processor Cards

What's more, with a backplane board, you can easily design your server or computer system! All you need is to connect it to either a plug-in Single-Board Computer (SBC) or a System Host Board (SHB), and you have a fully functional system!

Benefits of Backplane Boards

1. They Are Versatile

Backplane board allows you to connect other boards or daughterboards and hence, provide the flexibility that your data center may need. That is, you can interchange different cards based on your computing requirements.

To achieve this flexibility to the fullest, with desired stability, it's critical that you only go for a connector with superior signal integrity is critical.

2. Allows for Easy Scalability

You can easily design your customized server computer to fulfill your server's performance needs. Further, with a backplane board, expanding your server's storage capacity is much easier.

Which Backplane Board Should You Choose?

There are many two types of backplane boards that you can choose from:

1. Passive Backplanes

These come with limited circuitry, and hence, only come with electrical connectors for computer bus attachment. For this reason, to communicate with your backplane systems, suitable expansion cards or expansion boards have to be connected to them.

2. Active Backplanes

This type comes with slots that have the necessary circuits to control communication among slots. Therefore, all you need to do is directly attach your SAS or SATA Hard Drives to it, processor cards, memory cards, and other suitable connectors.

Since they are known to have zero failure risk, they are highly recommended for enterprise use.

3. ISA and PIC Backplane Board

Based on bus type technology, you can choose backplane boards with either ISA or PCI bus connection. ISA backplane boards offer up 16-bit data transfer, with its enhanced version of Extended ISA (EISA) having a capacity for 32-bit data transfer.

For superior performance, a high-speed backplane board with PCI bus connectivity is highly recommended. This is due to its high data transfer rates of between 32-64 bits and enhanced high clock speed of up to 33 MHz.

Backplane Board Accessories Worth Considering.

Based on your data center storage requirements, here is a list of some of the most highly reliable and affordable backplane boards to consider:

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Lenovo 00FJ755 Proliant Accessories Backplane Board

00FJ755 Lenovo 2.5 Inch 4 Bay Hdd Backplane SFF For System X3550 M5 | Refurbished

LENOVO 00JX188_1 HDD backplane 1.8 inch X4 For flex system X240 M5 node Accessories Backplane Board System X
Contact us for a price

00JX188 LENOVO hard drive backplane 1.8 inch X4 For flex system X240 M5 node | Refurbished

Dell 0VCK1 Accessories Backplane Board Proliant
Contact us for a price

0VCK1 Dell Backplane For Powervault MD3200I/3220I | Refurbished

Dell 3R9F5 HDD 16 BAY Accessories Backplane Board Poweredge

3R9F5 Dell 2.5 Inch SFF 16 Bay Hard Drive Backplane For Poweredge R720 | Refurbished

Dell 3XTYM  HDD 10 BAY Accessories Backplane Board Poweredge

3XTYM Dell Hard Drive Backplane 2.5-Inch 10-Bay For Poweredge R630 | Refurbished

HP 511776-001 Backplane Board Accessories Proliant

511776-001 Back Plane Power Supply for Proliant ML350 Gen6 Accessories Server | Made by HP | Refurbished

HP 519736-001 Proliant Accessories Backplane Board

519736-001 HP HDD Backplane Board For Proliant ML150 ML330 G6 | New Bulk Pack

HP 519736-001 Proliant Accessories Backplane Board

519736-001 HP HDD Backplane Board For Proliant ML150 ML330 G6 | Refurbished

HP 662528-001 Proliant Dl380/385 G8  Accessories Backplane Board

662528-001 HP Power Supply Backplane Board For Proliant Dl380/385 G8 | Refurbished

HP 662883-B21 HDD Accessories Backplane Board Proliant

662883-B21 HP Hard Drive Backplane Kit/Cage For Proliant 380/385 Gen8 8-Sff. Refurbished.

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