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Are you planning on upgrading your server's motherboard to support more expansion cards? A riser board is what you need to help boost your server's expansion capacity.

Perhaps you want to install more disk controller cards or network cards? Most modern computers or servers come with ATX Motherboards, but with few slots to directly support your devices.

However, with riser boards, you have the desired expansion capability.

What is a riser board?

A riser board, also called a riser card, is a special circuit board that is attached to your motherboard's expansion slots, and thereby, allows you to attach your desired expansion cards.

An edge connector is used to link it with your motherboard, and since its installation is perpendicular, it doesn't take much server space.

Selecting Riser Board – What to Consider

Choosing a suitable raiser card depends on:

1. Your Server Type

It's important that you only go for the riser boards that are suitable and recommended for your server.

To be on the safe side, if not sure, always consult with your server or computer supplier for guidance.

Alternatively, get your accessories from reputable suppliers with adequate knowledge about your server and its recommended accessories.

Most reputable server manufactures have compatible accessories with their trademark names.

2. Free Motherboard Expansion Slot

You should ensure that your motherboard has a free and suitable expansion slot for your riser board.

PCI is the standard expansion port in many computers and servers, and because it supports a wide range of devices, it provides the expansion flexibility that you need.

Most modern raiser boards are PCI/PCI-E ready and, therefore, allow for easier addition of Network Card, Sound Card, Graphic Card, Controller Cards, etc.

3. Type and Number of Desired Card Expansions

Your selected riser card should be suitable for your specific requirement. That is, if your expansion card is 8XPCIe compatible, your riser card ought to provide for 8x-PCIe connectivity.

For instance, if you want to expand your server's motherboard to support two PCI-E cards for your expansion devices, the best option will be a 2x 8X-PCI-E riser card

Authentic accessories from reputable server manufacturers will always bear their trademark names. There are different Server Riser Boards options, so you can choose and get the most suitable riser card for your server.

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