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A controller card is the computer component that serves as the interface between the motherboard and the computer's other components. The component examples that use a controller card include hard drives, printers, keyboards, mice, and optical drives.

The ESATA controller card happens to be one of the most efficient cards on the market, and you can find the best of them here on The controller got its name because it took the internal SATA interface external, hence, E-SATA. While the USB 2.0 interface is more popular, the ESATA interface is typically used in external storage devices. ESATA controller cards are from industry-leading manufacturers who present the ESATA drives as ATA devices instead of SCSI "scuzzy" devices. This feature allows for a flawless performance at all times.

The ESATA Controller Card allows easy connectivity between a host computer and ESATA 3.0 devices.

Suppose you are looking for ways to connect high-speed storage, including Solid State Drives (SSD) and High RPM Hard Drives, enabling easier archiving and data backups. In that case, ESATA is a cost-effective solution. It is the efficient controller you need for top-level task execution.

For enhanced data transfer speeds, ESATA does not have to translate data between the computer and the interface. This feature also saves valuable computer processor resources and eradicates the need for additional off-load hardware. However, with its power connector, the ESATA can reach transfer rates of at least 3X those of other interfaces.

All the top-range ESATA from comes with SATA 3.0 hard drive compatibility and boasts up to 6 Gbps data transfer speeds.

The ESATA controller card flaunts a low profile/half-height bracket for installation in a slimline or modest form factor computer cases for versatility and ease of use.

The adapter card features a native PCI Express single chipset that renders improved dependability, support, and performance for external SATA 600 MB/s storage requirements.

The SATA 2.0 devices have the ESATA controller card as their backward compatibility. In essence, ESATA aids in rendering the ability to use older storage devices. It comes with support for port multiplier capability and RAID 0 and 1 modes with FIS-based and command-based as an alternative for connecting many external hard drives to a host PC over a sole external SATA connection.

When buying an ESATA controller card on, ensure that it is compatible with the SATA standard needed by the host PC SATA hard drive(s). This is crucial because the hardware that supports more modern standards is usually backward compatible with earlier devices. However, the reverse is not feasible. For instance, an ESATA controller designed for SATA 150 will not support the SATA 300 hard drive's faster transfer speeds.

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