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Failure to keep your data center cool can lead to damaging risks such as overheating of devices, electrical failures, and even the risk of fire. That's why choosing and installing the right server cooling fan is necessary for normal and optimal operation.

Air-Circulation - A Key Factor In Server Cooling

If you have empty server racks, for instance, it's highly recommended that you keep them all covered with blanking panels. This will ensure stable and efficient air circulation inside your server enclosure.

When your data center has multiple servers that are close to each other, it's advisable that you consider investing in a suitable wall-mountable air conditioner.

Selecting Server Cooling Fans - Factors to Consider

Since data centers vary in terms of size, location, and operations, their cooling requirements too will vary.

Some of the factors or steps to take when selecting your server's fans cooling accessories are:

  • Assess the amount of heat your devices produce and their locations.
  • Evaluate your data center's airflow status and requirements.
  • Choose a server fan with a suitable airflow, rating, or capacity.
  • Select the right fan type.
  • Ensure that your selected fan is compatible with your server device(s).
  • Where applicable, consider other features such as the fan's white noise, temperature sensor, power-savings sleep-timer feature, etc.
  • Purchase from a reliable supplier who has the necessary technical skills support capacity.

Types of Server Cooling Fans

1. Fan Tray:

This is one of the most common types of server rack fans. For installation, simply mount it on your server rack's hotspot. It works by pushing air vertically for effective cooling of your rack devices.

2. Horizontal Rack-mount

Horizontal fans work well where fan trays can't provide the desired airflow. Unlike fan trays, they remove heat from the server by pushing air out through the back of the rack.

3. Box Fan

They'll fit perfectly on your server-room windows or doors for enhanced air circulation. They can also serve as floor fans depending on your server room's floor design.

4. Tower Fan

Tower fans need no permanent installation and hence very cost-effective. However, the location should be unobtrusive.

It must be in a place where it will be capable of driving out a lot of airflow from your server room.

5. High-Performance Server Fans & Accessories.

If you have specific server devices and are searching for a cooling fan, it's important that you go for solutions that are compatible with your devices or brands.

This is because ordering the wrong accessory can be costly.

Listed below are some of the top high-performance server cooling fans that your data center may require:

  1. Bladecenter
  2. Poweredge
  3. Switch
  4. Workstation
  5. Networking
  6. Proliant
  7. Server Options
  8. Storageworks
  9. System X

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