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Accessories - Memory Board

Are your data center's demands increasing calling for an enhanced server memory expansion? Are you searching for a memory board or memory raiser that's compatible with your type of server?

If yes, you are in the right place. We shall guide in so that you make the right purchase decision.

Reasons For Installing a Memory Board

  1. Enhanced Server Performance: Installation of the memory riser is easy but greatly helps boost your server performance.
  2. Cost-Effective: Rather than purchasing a new server, you'll be able to achieve an increased server performance at a much cheaper cost
  3. Allows You to Increase your workloads: It allows you to increase your workloads and to facilitate your organization's expansion without incurring high costs.

Which Memory Board Should You Install?

The selection of the right memo board is determined by the type of your server as well as your server memory requirement.

That is, your server's model or series will determine the type of memory board or memory riser to purchase.

This is because different server brands and models only work with their recommended memory boards.

Further, a server memory board comes with different slots for RAM stick installation.

Therefore, you should evaluate your memory requirements so that you get a memory riser with a suitable number of DIMM slots.

During installation or removal of your memo board, always ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by your server's manufacturer.

Here are some of the most suitable memory riser options for your server:

Dell PowerEdge Memory Board

If your data center has a Dell PowerEdge server, you should select the PowerEdge Memory board that's compatible with your server series or model.

HP ProLiant Memory Board

To upgrade your HPE ProLiant server's memo, only invest in the ProLiant memory riser with desired capacity and features.

For instance, your data center's server is HP ProLiant ML570 G4, then 403702-B21 HP Memory Expansion riser will be the most perfect choice for you.

Some of the key reasons that make this server memory riser worth investing are:

  • It provides a high memory capacity of up to 16 GB for enhanced server performance
  • Uses DDR2 SDRAM DIMM Memory Form Factor which is easily available
  • They come with 6 memory slots to suit your memory expansion requirements
  • Installation and removal can either be hot-plug or cold-plug

Make sure you browse through our products to find the memory board that will meet your server requirements and if you need any assistance, our support team will help you.