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Suppose you are looking to invest in top-range blade servers and blade server enclosures for your data center; in that case, allhdd.com got you covered. We've got a collection of various blade system enclosures to meet your needs. Kindly choose from a category including Rack Mount, 6U, and 12 Bay for value and ace-high performance.

What is a Blade server?

A blade server is a High Availability High Density (HAHD) low-cost server program explicitly developed for specific applications and high-density computing settings. It flaunts a compact, self-contained design that comprises vital processing components that fit into a blade enclosure to minimize cost and power consumption. A blade server is otherwise called a modular server because it has many components removed as well as other factors while still retaining all the functional features to make it a high-end server. This type of server is called a "blade" due to its ultra-thin shape. It comes with a server chassis that encloses modular electronic circuit boards called server blades. Every blade holds a single server that is designated to a single application. Also included in the blades are vital input/output ports, processors, memory, integrated network controllers, and (in some cases) a Fiber Channel host bus adaptor (HBA).

Benefits of Blade Servers

In a typical server-rack system, 1U (one unit) had a width of 19 inches and a height of 1.75 inches. These dimensions represent the minimum size of this type of server. The blade system offers a lot more when it comes to conserving space. While the common computer rack form-factor is 42U high, implying 42 mountable components, the blade system can allow densities of up to 180 servers per system.

Low Power Consumption

You can maximize efficiency and spend less on power costs if you invest in a blade system. Servers in a blade server enclosure can share a single power source. This translates to a decrease in power consumption costs compared to other servers.

Cable Management

Due to the blade servers' compact modular design, you can count on unrivaled cable management in the data center. Instead of individual cables for each server, blade servers use one cable through the chassis, consequently lessening the total wires you need.


Each blade in the system is cooled independently by fans. Also, unlike the rack-mount server, the blades can be stored in modest air-controlled environments that support all mechanical parts at a proper temperature due to their stackability.

Compact size And Consolidation of Other Equipment

The blade servers comprise the smallest number of components needed for a device to be deemed a computer. Thus, they can fit in small, tight spaces and perform excellently with other servers as components of a larger overall structure. Also, since these multiple servers can share power sources and other features, there is potential for consolidating other equipment in the data center.

Buy equipment for your blade system from trusted brands, including Hewlett Packard and Dell, at pocket-friendly prices on allhdd.com. There is a 30-day allhdd.com warranty on all items, and they can be shipped to 48 states in the U.S.

HP 507014-B21 Rack Mount Enclosure Blade System

507014-B21 HP BladeSystem BLc7000 Blade Server Cabinet Rack-Mountable. Refurbished.

HP 508668-B21 Enclosure Blade System Rack Mount

508668-B21 Blade System CTO BLC3000 C-Class Rack-Mountable 9-Bays Enclosure | Made by HP | Refurbished

HP 681842-B21 Rack Mount Enclosure Blade System

681842-B21 HP BLC7000 16SLOT 1PH 6PS 10FAN Platinum Enclosure. Refurbished.

IBM 88525TU Rack Mount Enclosure Blade System

88525TU IBM Bladecenter H 8852 Rack Mountable Power Supply Hot Plug 2900 Watt Rack Mount Chassis. Refurbished.

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88524SU Rack Mountable Bladecenter 8852 Power Supply Hot Plug 2900 Watt Rack Mount Chassis | Made By IBM | Refurbished

HP QW918A 12 X 900 GB bay 12 Enclosures Bladesystem

QW918A HP D2220SB Storage Blade Hard Drive Array 12 bay 12 X 900 GB. Refurbished.