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Networking Hardware

Network connectivity continues to evolve and requires robust networking hardware solutions. This is what we offer at AllHDD. These networking devices ensure high-level connectivity within multiple networks.

They also help perform the most intensive data processing operations within the networks. The following networking hardware is available for users to improve their network connection:

Network Interface Cards

Computers, servers, and other devices need the network interface card (NIC) to connect to a network. There are several NIC options available, ranging from wired to wireless. They provide the needed physical connection between the workstations and the network.

This networking hardware is one of the major factors that determine the speed and performance of users' networks. Regardless of the speed needed, users will find their best-fit NICs.


Users will find ethernet switches to help provide some sort of central connection area for cables from servers, workstations, and peripherals. These switches work in different types of topology. Most of the options found here at AllHDD are active, helping to amplify network signals electrically as it moves from one network device to another. Switches have different port configurations to help IP addresses respond to each broadcast. There are options available for different applications.


Networking hubs have grown in popularity for their networking capabilities. There are thousands of hubs available now, including options with 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, 32 ports, and even 48 ports. Although the hubs are available for use on specific occasions, they still provide robust networking solutions. They are designed to connect computers or other network devices in a private network.


The strength of a signal reduces as it passes through a cable. This brings about the necessity of boosting signal; repeaters are the best devices to offer this level of functionality. The repeaters help to amplify network signals electrically, then rebroadcast them to other connected networks. These repeaters can function as separate devices, or users can incorporate them into separate concentrators.

An example of where users can employ repeaters is in a local area network (LAN), where a star topology is used with unshielded twisted-pair cabling. Their best application would be when the total length of the user's network cable goes beyond the standards of the cable being employed.

Wireless Adapters

Users can employ wireless adapters in their portable devices, including laptops, IP phones, and tablets. They work perfectly with computer systems and devices with open USB ports or expansion slots. A wireless adapter is also reliable networking hardware for fast and robust network connection. They can also be employed in commercial workstations with other networking devices connected to a central console for better wireless coverage.


Bridges allow users to segment a large network into smaller and more efficient units. A bridge is also the go-to device for adding a new network to an older wiring scheme for an up-to-date networking scheme. Users can employ the bridge models available to monitor traffic information on different sides of the network.

This helps users to pass loads of information to the desired location. Most of the options you'll find can automatically detect the address of the networking devices connected to the bridge. Other applications include the inspection and broadcast of every message from side to side. This enables optimum network performance.


These are the best networking devices that help users filter the traffic that enters and leaves their private networks. This helps prevent hackers, viruses, and other threats from gaining access to users' networks and data. Users can install these devices at the entrance of the network connection to protect the network.

Cisco 15454E-AIC-I Networking
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15454E-AIC-I SDH Alarm Interconnect module - ANSI/ETSI Support Network monitoring device | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed | Lead Time Required

Dell GPFRJ 2 Port Networking Daughter Card
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GPFRJ Dell 2 Ports 10GBE Blade Network Daughter Card. Refurbished

Cisco SPA-1CHOC3-CE-ATM Networking
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SPA-1CHOC3-CE-ATM 1-Port Channelized OC3/STM-1 Circuit Emulation and ATM Share Port Adaptor (SPA) - For Data Networking, Optical NetworkOptical Fiber more

Cisco SPA-24XDS-SFP 24 Port Networking
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SPA-24XDS-SFP 24-Ports Ubr10012 Wideband Downstream Shared Port Adapter (SPA) | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

Cisco SPARK-BOARD55 Networking
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SPARK-BOARD55 Collaboration Device Spark Board 55 Touch Screen Video Conferencing Equipment | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

Cisco UCS-SP-INFRA-FI 48 port Networking
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UCS-SP-INFRA-FI UCS 6248UP 48 Port Fabric Interconnect Module 12 Ports LIC/0psu | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed.

Cisco UCS-SP-INFRA-FI 48 port Networking
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UCS-SP-INFRA-FI UCS 6248UP 48 Port Fabric Interconnect Module 12 Ports LIC/0psu | Made by Cisco | Refurbished

Juniper WXC-500 Application
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WXC-500 WXOS Upgrade License 20 Megabyte Per Second (MBPS) Standard | Made by Juniper | Refurbished