Networking - Management Card

Management Card types

Optimize the operation of UPS systems with robust network management solutions. The UPS management card offers users the ability to remotely manage and configure compatible UPS via a standard network management system or web browser. They also operate via SNMP and Command Line Interface (CLI).

Monitoring and controlling individual UPS has been made easy with the UPS card. The management module is supported by a wide range of devices using multiple open standards. The open standards include Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and more.

These UPS cards are suited to a wide range of applications. For example, they allow for scheduled UPS shutdown for an enterprise installation. This is complemented by:

  • UPS shutdown
  • UPS startup
  • System rebooting
  • Status Recording
  • Event logging
  • Event action settings
  • Automatic event notifications via SNMP traps, email, SMS, or Syslog

The range of products offered here is the perfect solution for servers and workstations. They come with software that prevents data loss from power failure or other reasons. When there's any case of power loss or power failure, the software initiates an auto-shutdown command from the UPS.

Advanced UPS Management with Sophisticated UPS Cards

The advanced UPS management card options offer IT professionals the best tools for easy monitoring and remote management of backup power. They come with professionally developed software offering users remote access to individual UPS.

This can be done from any web browser or network PC. The wireless UPS card options help access vital UPS conditions such as battery situations, load levels, and runtime information. The real-time notifications enable IT administrators to improve efficiency and uptime while reducing mean repair time.

A power loss event or power failure can be detrimental to data. Data loss is the last thing users want in servers and workstations. Therefore, it is crucial to get networking devices such as UPS management cards.

In the case of power failure events, the UPS card enables the automatic shutdown of all virtual machines and network computers connected to a backup battery. The cards also enable the set up of power alerts. In this case, users can get notifications via SMS, email, or SNMP traps.

Compatibility with Environmental Sensors

Many of the UPS management card products are compatible with optional environmental sensors. The sensor helps them to monitor the humidity and ambient temperature of the IT closet, server room, or other operational environments.

Users can configure the threshold, prompting the UPS card to send predefined notifications. The notifications are enabled by default, and users can easily customize the threshold to meet current environmental control requirements.

Key Features

  • Real-time UPS observation and regulation
  • Enhanced compatibility with environmental sensor
  • UPS control and offsite self-testing & scheduling
  • Built-in automatic shutdown
  • Configurable system notifications
  • Automatic event notification
  • Event logs and data provision
  • Event action settings
  • Security protocols for encryption and authentication
  • Upgradable UPS firmware
  • Compatible with system notification
  • Support network operation via IPv6 protocol
  • Simultaneous web browser access and network command line access
  • Battery management support
Dell K9CR1 Networking Management

0RFGR Dell Chassis Management Controller Module CMC For Poweredge FX2/FX2S | Refurbished

Dell 201K7 Remote Management Networking Management Card

201K7 Dell Idrac 6 Express Remote Access Card For PowerEdge R410/R510/T410. Refurbished.

Dell 313-6703 Remote Management Networking Management Card

313-6703 Dell WW126 DRAC 5 Remote Access Controller | Refurbished

Dell 313-7921 Remote Management Networking Management Card

313-7921 Dell Idrac 6 Enterprise Remote Access Card For Dell Poweredge R610 / R710 / R810 | Refurbished

Dell 313-8835 Remote Management Networking Network Management Card

313-8835 Dell Idrac 6 Express Remote Access Card For Poweredge R410/R510/T410 | Refurbished

Dell 313-8836 Remote Access Card

313-8836 Dell Idrac 6 Enterprise Remote Access Card For PowerEdge R610/ R710 | Refurbished

Dell 330-4533 Remote Management Networking Management Card

330-4533 Dell Idrac 6 Enterprise Remote Access Controller | Refurbished

Dell 330-7645 Remote Management Networking Management Card

330-7645 Dell Idrac6 Enterprise For Dell PowerEdge R610 R710 T610 PowerVault NX3000 Server | Refurbished.

Dell 331-6956 Idrac7 Remote Management Adapter

331-6956 Dell Idrac7 Port Card Remote Management Adapter | Refurbished

Dell 385-BBHO Networking Management Card

385-BBHO Dell IDRAC8 Enterprise License Only | Refurbished.