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All the networking systems are ballooning up, requiring you to send or receive packets of data in an increasing amount. Thus, the local area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN) call for well-designed protocols and communication formats to ensure better data transfer speeds. But what device or platform will fulfill this specific criterion without any hassle? That's the Ethernet, of course! But there are plenty of reasons why you need to own these high-speed Ethernet Networks in your arsenal. With that being said, we, at ALLHDD, brought you fast Ethernet switches, which will be bliss for your computer networking setup. Here's how!

Ethernet Protocols Are Out-Of- This World!

These protocols are not just customary but are necessary for effective communication between all the connected devices. Whether the communication message is delivered, pending, or in unknown status, these communication protocols ensure more comfortable and faster communication.

All the connected devices send a packet of data that contains the essential information and is necessary to pass on. Thus, equipping your unit with a faulty and flawed Ethernet protocol might ruin the overall setup. Also, packet collisions can destroy Ethernet networks or computer networking this way.

Ethernet Types And Functionalities:

Ethernet usually has a standard range of up to 10km of the periphery. But under special conditions, this range can be extended. The fiber optic media converter can convert an Ethernet device into a fiber optic cable network containing the CAT5/CAT6 Copper cable before.

There are generally three types of Ethernet Devices which let you boom your connectivity range and ensure a seamless wired connection between your LAN devices.

Fast Ethernet is bliss!

The first and foremost type of Ethernet is the ''Fast Ethernet,'' which utilizes twisted-pair cables (CAT 5) for effective communication. The maximum speed that this internet connectivity can produce is up to 100mbps.

Gigabit Ethernet is a little extra!

Gigabit Ethernet is way beyond the previous one! This type of connectivity offers up to 1000mbps speed. Therefore, considering the physical layer, this gigabit Ethernet is supported by four pairs of twisted-pair cables contributing a little extra to the faster internet connectivity.

If you're into the video calling system or want to connect your camera, Gigabit Ethernet can be the best choice for your local area networks. Also, utilizing the CAT5e cables for connectivity will not confine your expectation. You can even use 1000Base SX fiber optic cables or Ethernet cable to cover up the range of 500m or above. 1-Port Gigabit Ethernet is the most common type in this category.

10 Gigabit Ethernet- Speed Beyond Expectations!

As mentioned in the name, 10-Gigabit Ethernet can support up to 10gbps speed, backed up by the CAT6a and CAT7 twisted-pair cables. However, a replacement with fibre optic cables can extend the range up to 10000 meters.

Why Choose ALLHDD?

ALLHDD brings you quality ethernet devices that support computer networking under the rules and regulations devised by IEEE. Considering all types of networks, these devices are equipped with vast Ethernet ports and faster connections supporting the electronics engineer's tasks. You can also claim a 2.5% discount on some External, 1-port, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet devices on ALLHDD.

HPE 455880-B21 Expansion Module

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HP 516937-B21 Dual-Ports Networking 10Gigabit Ethernet Card

516937-B21 HP 2-Ports 10GBPS PCI Express G2 Host Channel Network Adapter for c-Class BladeSystem. Refurbished.

IBM 74Y2996 Networking 10GB Ethernet

74Y2996 IBM 10GB Dual-Port Ive/Hea Sr 1830 Integrated Virtual Ethernet Card. Refurbished.

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IBM 00E0838 Ethernet Adapter

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IBM 00E0839 10GB Networking Ethernet

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Mellanox MCX4121A-XCAT Ethernet Card

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Startech POEINJ1G 1 Port Power Injector

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