Networking - KVM Switch

KVM Switch types

Users can access their systems more efficiently with the best choice of KVM switches. There is no need for extra expenses or a cluster of computing devices anymore. AllHDD offers a wide range of high-quality products to help administrators improve productivity.

It would be best not to pass the opportunity of using multiple computers with a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor. It is the best way for administrators to have centralized updates and real-time maintenance.

Choosing to use a KVM switch is a worthwhile decision for users working in data centers with servers in racks. In such areas, there's a need to switch between several servers in the rack cabinet. A KVM switch helps users to access two or more computers easily while using a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

All that is required is a simple connection between the network KVM switch and the user's computer. When the connectivity with the IP KVM switch is confirmed, switching between signals becomes possible. This ensures that signals from emulated mouse and keyboard get to the computer system without affecting the system operations.

The KVM switches offered also give users stable video resolution. They are compatible with several different computer platforms and a wide range of operating systems. Users can employ these devices to interface between several mice, monitors, and keyboard brands.

The number of ports that come with the KVM switch will determine the maximum number of PC connections it can support. Users will find switches that range from 1 port to 4 port and up to 32 port. Many of these options can also be expanded to have more ports. That way, users can connect to even more computer devices.

The more the KVM switch ports, the bigger the working environment it tends to go into. For example, it is best to employ a 2-port switch for desktops, while an 8-port or 16-port switch can work well in server rooms.

In addition, AllHDD also offers administrators other switches accessories for improved peripheral-sharing capabilities.

Simplified Sharing Methods

The IP KVM switch options help users to simplify sharing method between computer devices. There are options that are perfect for use at home, offices, medium-sized businesses, and even larger enterprises.

Users who need to streamline their workstations and eliminate some setups efficiently can employ these devices. They reduce clutter by reducing the number of devices needed for operations. They also support high-quality video resolution, ensuring that users get excellent images on the screen at all times.

Straightforward Connectivity

Users can easily switch and control any connected devices using only remote buttons. Some options do not require an external power supply. They also support hot plugging. Therefore, it is easy to remove or add computers to the KVM switch. Users can also easily expand their USB sharing by using the mouse or keyboard port.

Secure Network Switching

These cost-effective network solutions increase data security. They ensure that switching between connected devices is secure. They are the best solutions to every connectivity need!

HP 336044-B21 8 Ports KVM Switch

336044-B21 8 Ports KVM Switchbox 0x1x8 RJ-45 Keyboard / Mouse / Video | Made by HP | Refurbished

HP 336045-B21 Rack Mountable Switch

336045-B21 Server Console Switch 16-Port Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) Switch 0x2x16 RJ-45 Server 1U Alternating Current (AC) 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) more

HP 340386-001 8 Ports Switch

340386-001 HP 8-Port 1U Server Console KVM Switch CAT5 RJ-45 Connectors. Refurbished.

HP AF653A 16 Ports Switch

AF653A Kvm Console G3 Switch 0x2x16 Kvm Switch 16 Ports Rack-Mountable | Made by HP | Refurbished

Avocent AMX5010-AM Switch

AMX5010-AM Amx 5010 Digital Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) Rack-Mountable - 2u Alternating Current (AC) 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) Switch | Made by Avocent | more

Avocent AMX5010-AM Rack-Mountable Switch

AMX5010-AM Amx 5010 Digital Rack-Mountable - 2u Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) Alternating Current (AC) 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) Switch | Made by Avocent | more

Avocent AV3200-001 16-Ports Switch

AV3200-001 Autoview 3200 Digital KVM Graphic Mode SVGA, VGA, XGA, XGA II Rack-Mountable 16 Ports Networking Console Switch | Made by Avocent | Refurbished

Tripp Lite B020-008-17 8-Ports Console Switch
Contact us for a price

B020-008-17 Net director Console KVM Switch With 17 Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) KVM Switch 8 Ports Ps/2 Stackable Rack-Mountable 1u | Made by Tripp Lite | more

Tripp Lite B021-000-19 Rackmount Console Switch

B021-000-19 NetDirector Rackmount Console 1 Computer(s) 19" Active Matrix Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) 1U Height | Made by more

StarTech CAB831HD KVM 8 Ports Switch
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CAB831HD 8-ports KVM Switch Module for Rack-mount Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) Consoles with additional PS/2 and VGA Console | Made by Startech | Brand New more